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07 October 2010 :: 16:10:53 pm 42859

The Dawn Of Disclosure: UFOs Paralyse US Missile Bases

Is there anybody out there? Or to rephrase the question – in a multiverse of countless dimensions, containing trillions of galaxies, each containing stars with orbiting planets, many of which have all the conditions necessary to sustain humanoid existence, how could there not be?
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At a National Press Conference in Washington on September 27, 2010, televised on CNN, leading witnesses, integrally involved in the US nuclear missile programme, testified before the world that while on their watch a number of UFOs had been seen with the bare eye, photographed, recorded on tape and sensitive equipment, and tracked by radar. The most disturbing news as far as the US defence establishment is concerned is that in some instances laser-like rays were shot down from the alien craft which paralysed the missile controls, rendering them temporarily inoperable and in four cases activating them for a short while before they were deactivated and put back on line. There also another account that at a similar installation in Russia, a UFO had actually armed and activated a nuclear missile, which was once again shut down shortly after.

What is significant about these disclosures is that while not hot news, this is the first time that authentic disclosures of this nature have been aired on the mainstream media, in this case CNN, the Larry King Show and others (http://missile-misfires-ufos.blogspot.com/). It transpires that the establishment originally suppressed the news of these incidents, either feigning indifference or not bothering to follow it up. There is evidence coming from a UK government ‘insider’, not aired on this disclosure conference, that in the 1960s the British intelligence agencies produced a secret report detailing claims of extraterrestrial sightings, drawn from the evidence of 1,800 people in Europe and Scandinavia who claimed to have seen a UFO, an extraterrestrial, or whom had had contact with beings from another world. A series of interviews were conducted simultaneously in US, the USSR, Australia and Japan, producing an eventual 62,000 individual testimonies. The conclusions were that the majority of these experiences were markedly similar and 75% told of positive, loving communications with the ETs of various races.

Evidence is also appearing that since the 1940s, all successive US presidents have been privy not only to the existence of extra-terrestrials and UFOs, but to the fact that there have been and are now actual extra-terrestrials working alongside humans in various establishments, mainly huge underground complexes engaged in a variety of ‘black’ projects, some retro-engineering super-hi-tech devices to produce terrestrial spacecraft and others involved in genetic experimentation.

There are also personal accounts, such as those by Duncan O’Finion and Aaron McCollum, reinforcing this information, that some of these craft were piloted by humans , largely genetically and experientially modified ‘super-soldiers’. McCollum testified to having travelled with ‘greys’ in the secret US TR3-B spacecraft, the product of back-engineering on human abduction missions. McCollum also testifies to having seen genetically produced hybrid human-dolphins! These two, namely the super-soldier programme and hybrid experiments, are but an infinitesimal part of the black op programme, particularly the super-secret space programme currently being pursued by the US, Britain, Russia and China to name but a few. These programmes are way, way above top secret, 27 levels above that accessible by the US president, in fact, and are almost unknown by the majority of the world’s population.  That anyone knows about them at all is largely due to the courage of ‘whistleblowers’, individuals who have actually been involved, first-hand, in many of these programmes and have come forward to testify, often under threat of dire reprisals, and some have actually ‘disappeared’ under  highly suspicious circumstances, often after being visited by the legendary ‘men-in-black’.

Those interested in discovering more about these revelations are encouraged to log onto http://projectcamelotportal.com/ and particularly http://projectcamelotportal.com/camelot-library.html. The evidence is overwhelming and literally mind-blowing, in every sense of the word. More can be found on http://www.exopolitics.org/ especially where Dr Mazlan Othman states that the UN is now actively planning a coordinated response for ‘First Contact’; a distinct case of closing (or should that read opening the door) after the horse has bolted, considering ETs have been seen, touched and inter-related with by so many for the past 60 years.

It was also disclosed at the National Press Conference that there are up to 57 different extra-terrestrial species currently in contact with mankind, many of whom have visited earth throughout time, often assuming the status of ‘gods’. Von Daniken’s often ridiculed book ‘Was God an Astronaut?’ would appear to have not been so farfetched in the light of recent evidence. That extra-terrestrials have been amongst us since time immemorial may be seen in some of the cross-cultural pictures of ancient astronauts shown on the embedded video ‘Watch this if you think UFOs are fake’. A relatively recent expose of extended alien presence can be found in the excellent works of Zecharia Sitchin, a rare scholar of antique languages, who deciphered the Sumerian clay tablets and cylinder seals, Babylonian texts and Hebrew Old Testament to reveal  that modern man was the result of genetic experiments by the Anunnaki, an advanced race from the planet Niburu, who many believe are still with us. In his copious works, Sitchin reveals how mankind was a slave-construct, engineered to work the gold mines of South Aftrica, evidence for which has been discovered recently (see the following video by Michael Tellinger and  Adam’s Calendar – http://projectcamelotproductions.com/interviews/michael_tellinger/michael_tellinger.html).

Sitchin also maintains such gods as Marduk, Thoth and even Jehovah were, in fact, Anunnaki though he’s tongue in cheek about this, being Jewish. Sitchin also details how the Anunnaki were responsible for the pyramids of Cheops, the Sumerian and Babylonian ziggurats, civilization in Egypt, South and Central America amongst others, saving mankind from Noah’s flood and eventually culminating in a nuclear war which wiped out the civilization of Sumer. Part of this account of modern man may be found in the accompanying article – Stranger than Fiction (Stranger than Fiction: Was God an Astronaut?).


Other evidence stretching far further back tells of wars of the gods, other extra-terrestrials having indulged in genetic experimentation at mankind’s expense, the taking over of the earth by the cosmic Illuminati, the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria, the genetic reduction of our once majestic 12-strand DNA to two and the subsequent eradication of our archaic race memory, the erection of a force field around the earth, partially to trap aliens who helped destroy Atlantis, the successive seeding of the different races of the earth, the original of which supposedly came from Vega, time-space travel via star-gates, the true significance of Roswell and the vampiric galaxians which reveals the true significance of 2012. The latter can be found at http://projectcamelotproductions.com/interviews/ashayana_deane/ashayana_deane.html

Highly complex but well worth persevering with.

The foregoing is but a minor foretaste of disclosures which are imminent – for the time is upon us – when mankind’s true history and its ongoing intimate interaction with those we call ETs and aliens, but who in reality are our space brothers, eager to help as the rebirth of mankind dawns. Roll on winter solstice 2012.

Writer: Taliesin Verity

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