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11 May 2006 :: 15:05:24 pm 5733

Da Vinci Code A Fiction Thriller

The Truth Is Somewhat Different, But Similarities Exist
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   BANGKOK, May 16 (TNA) – Christian groups call for “Da Vinci Code” film banned Representatives of some Protestant Christian churches in Thailand have petitioned caretaker Deputy Prime Minister Surakiart Sathirathai in his capacity as caretaker Minister of Culture, urging that the Thai government ban the commercial release of the movie “The Da Vinci Code.”

    The movie based on the bestselling novel by Dan Brown is due for commercial release in Thailand on Thursday (May 18).

   Some Protestant Christian groups are concerned that it misrepresents both religious understanding and history, but other Christians simply accept that the novel is a work of fiction.

   Dr. Manoch Jaengmuk, chairman of the United Christian Church of Baptism of Thailand, said the petition followed consultations among the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand (EFT), among the Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT), the Baptist Union of Thailand, the Seventh Day Adventists‘ Foundation of Thailand and the United Christian Church of Baptism of Thailand.

    The organisations agreed that both the content of the novel and the film constitute blasphemy in portraying Jesus Christ as an ordinary human being and not the Divine Son of God as most followers of the Christian faith believe.

    It also insults the concept of the Christ for stating that Jesus married and fathered a child with Mary Magdelene, an idea the complainants said is a groundless story.

  While Protestant Christian groups are concerned that it misrepresents both religious understanding and history and should be banned by the Royal Thai Police, some other Christians simply accept that the novel is a work of fiction.

    A Roman Catholic media specialist, however, did not agree with the proposed ban. Catholic Social Communications of Thailand director Vorayut Kitbamrung was reported by the Bangkok Post as saying that while he sympathised with the Protestant action, screenings of the film should simply warn that the film is based solely on fiction. (TNA)


The recent furore over some aspects of the new Da Vinci Code story seem a little frivolous when compared to the real truth, which is only understood by a small minority of people. The real truth only emerged after many decades of painfully slow research, that started when a BBC TV program researcher examined very old parchment writings that lay in a small abbey perched in a mountain top village in France. He noticed that a few letters were upraised an the joining of them held a message in French that said the owner of the treasure was of royal blood and that he was dead, and buried nearby. The treasure referred to an immense amount of wealth, that had fallen into the hands of the local priest of that time, which was many centuries ago. In this greater region there exists five important forts and churches, and there layout conforms to strict mathematical guidelines. Some of these were built under the supervision of the Catholic church, while others were constructed by the religious / military order known as the “Knights Templar.” Their projected lines join to make up the shape of a perfect pentangle, that represents a 5-sided star; – this being the symbol of the goddess Venus, and also “Mary Magdelaine.” Furthermore the distance between most of these structures is exactly 1-mile, (accurate to a margin of less than 5 inches), which is a feat that is equal to most surveying practices even today, and would have taken an unimaginable amount of wealth to create. Modern history tries to tell us that the mile as a unit of measurement and this level of accuracy did not exist until many centuries later, – so cracks in our conventional theories are beginning to appear.

We are all aware of the history of the Catholic church, but who were the Knights Templar? They were originally a one thousand year old order of warrior monks, forms to uphold the rights of the victimized and the poor. Not only were they an elite and unsurpassed fighting force, but they also had immense wealth, even possessing their own fleet of trading ships. Moreover, they had unmatched knowledge and technological skills, and it is known that they accompanied the “Crusaders to the Middle East, plus it is further believed with the express purpose of recovering King Solomon’s gold, and the bloodline records of the Christian families of that era. This would account for their immense wealth, and lead us to the hypothesis that they were protecting the bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdelaine, who descended from “Sion” royalty and this is mentioned in the ancient texts that were discovered in France.

Now you are starting to wonder how the Judao – Christians were in France, but the answer to this is very simple. Around twelve hereditary Christian tribes left the middle eastern region to repatriate in most regions of Europe, which explains why the three Christian crosses displayed on the British Union Jack, represent the merging of three of these tribes. But are not the Israeli’s the true Jewish people? – No this is a popularly held misconception, and they settled in this then relatively vacant area. They were in fact made up of the Kzarians from southern Russia and another group of Edomites from northern India, and in the case of the Kzarian group, their religious beliefs were definitely anti-christian in nature. Similarly to the early Judao Christians, the Knights Templar eventually left Europe, due to political pressure, and established teir somewhat secretive brotherhood in various parts of the United Kingdom, which is interesting, because it seems that early Christianity first appeared in Ireland and other parts of the UK. Contrary to popular belief, there is very little evidence to support the theory that the Masonic Order had its roots in the Knights Templar movement, and the latter faded into obscurity, (Refer to the research publication “The Temple and the Mount”). However, some believe the 3rd generation of the brotherhood still exists as a hidden force encompassing many western nations, and may still expose itself at the appropriate time.

Now for another remarkable discovery; – On a small island off Denmark, a Danish researcher noted that there were five very unusual circular churches built on the island, in a quite unusual pattern of locations. Further research revealed that they were precisely located at 1-mile spacings, and as with their French counterparts their projected connecting lines formed the same perfect pentangle, that represents a 5-sided star; all fitting neatly into an immaginary proscribed circle, passing around the star points,(as mentioned previosly, this is the symbol of the goddess Venus, and also “Mary Magdelaine”). The chuches, unlike most of the day, were not designed for defence, but rather as astronomical obsevatories, with viewing windows relating to the movement of the sun & stars etc. One can easily see that this is just too much of a coincidence, especially when one considers that these structures are in countries where the English measurement of the mile was not commonly used. It is painfully obvious that a group of highly intelligent and technologically skilled people were at work behind the scenes. To scholars of anciet history, this is no great news as down through the tens of thousands of years, there have been civilisations that far surpassed us in technological skills. The similarities of the Egyptian, Mayan and Kmer pyramid structures, with their precise geometry and its relationship to highly sophisticated astronomy, tell us that this is so; – “Fingerprints of the Gods” is one of the best books on this subject). Da Vinci had little or nothing to do with this immense civil TYPEering project, and it is obvious that such technology was a little beyond the local inhabitants of the day, who had superior education and abilities, not to mention a huge amount of wealth. A French painter, who painted the tomb of the “nobleman” of royal blood,” who was buried nearby, hid the dimensions of the perfect pentangle, that represents a 5-sided star; within his painting of that time, and this was confirmed by X-ray analysis of the painting.

Now for the nasty question that is upseting many dedicated Christians; – Was “Mary Magdelaine” married (or have some sort of intimate relationship) to Jesus Christ? We will probably never know the real answer to this difficult and unpleasant question. What is certain, however, is that she was one of the central figures in these amazing discoveries, and had an unusually large bearing on the overall design of both the French and Danish church and fort complexes. Perhaps followers should ask themselves if this would make Jesus any less than the great leader, philosopher and healer that he undoubtedly was seen to be down through the ages, having had more influence on the course of humanity than any other single person in our known history. Finally the Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction, and should be veiwed as such, even though there seems to be a remarkable similarity to some aspects of the real truth.

By William Mulga
Authors Note: – This article is but a brief summary of a much bigger and more complex history of world events, that is generally known to those who have studied this subject in depth. If our readers so request, the many aspects of the above article can be expanded further in future articles.

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