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Psychopath Caught By Villagers After Stealing Underwear

A psychopath man was caught by villagers because he stole men underwear.


Man Stuck In Elevator

A man was stuck in elevator of a department store. Pus, he revealed that this is 4th time he was stuck in this elevator.


Hotel Employees Fall Pyramid Scheme

A group of hotel employees notified Pattaya police because they were taken money by a woman who invited them to join pyramid scheme.


Six Suspect For Plundering Malaysian

Pattaya police caught a group of ladies and ladyboys who suspected for plundering a Malaysian man. Meanwhile, the suspects insisted to fight this case...


Girl Has Bag Snatched On Pattaya Road

A Thai girl was pickpocketed by two Thai men as she was riding motorcycle back home.


Marine Dept Instructed Pattaya Ferry Operator

Marine department summoned Pattaya ferry operator to instruct safety and beach expansion plan.


Pattaya To Organise Seafood Festival 2016

Officials will host Amazing Pattaya Seafood Festival 2016 during July 29-31.


Pattaya Musicians Face Difficulty

The interviews of Pattaya musicians who disclosed their life during recession.


Official Visits Elephant Kingdom

Officers of department of fishery visited Elephant Kingdom to inspect crocodile baiting activity. Meanwhile, owner vows to give 5 million baht to whom...


Couple Caught For Extortion

Pattaya police made the statement after they had arrested a gang fooled victims to rob.


Net Idol Responds To Accusation

A net idol who was blamed for fooling man responded accusation.


Man Caught For Motor Vehicle Theft

Police caught a man after he had stolen belongings from victim’s cars.


Pattaya To Generate 2,500 MB

TAT expected that Pattaya would generate around 2,500 million baht during long holidays in July.


Indian Tourist Pickpocketed By Ladyboy

An Indian tourist was snatched gold necklace by Ladyboy.


Croc Baiting Officially Banned

Department of fishery officially banned Elephant Kingdom for 90 days in case of croc baiting.


Croc Baiting Banned

Elephant Kingdom is banned for 90 days due to croc baiting.


Broken-Down Bus Assisted By Pattaya Police

Pattaya police assisted broken-down bus carried Chinese tourist.


Croc Baiting At Pattaya Elephant Kingdom

Director of TAT concerns about risky activity to bait the crocs on the raft. The activity takes place in Elephant Kingdom.


Man Fell From Roof To His Death

A man accidentally fell down from roof and died.


Pattaya Police Confiscate Titan Gel

Pattaya police cracked down companies who get involved with Titan Gel which is intimate lubricant gel for men.