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Foreigner Jumped To Death After Stabbed Thai Girl

A Norwegian man had stabbed Thai girl before he committed suicide by jumping from 10th floor. The cause is still unknown.


Five Men Intruded Laundry Shop For Extortion

A laundry shop owner met Pattaya journalist after a group of Thai men had intruded her shop.


Pattaya Mayor On Jomtien Road

Pattaya official holds a conference in order to discuss expropriation problem of 2nd Jomtien road construction.


Teenage Gang Caught For Motorcycle Robbery

Police officers made the statement after they had arrested teenage gang robbed motorcycles.


Pattaya Congress On U-Turn Issue

Pattaya congressmen discussed on u-turn construction issue. The u-turn is unavailable even though the construction is completed.


Ladyboy Dancer Caught For Body Exposing

A ladyboy was caught after her video that she granted Chinese person to touch her breast was widely spread.


Ladyboy Caught Red Handed By Pattaya Volunteer Police

A ladyboy was caught by volunteer police as he was trying to steal cash from Indian tourist.


Thai Man Caught Red Handed For Trafficking

A man was caught after he had dealt with human trafficking. Plus, he had crystal methamphetamine.


Terrible Van Accident Leads 8 Injured

A van ran out of control and turned around on Pattaya road. Plus, the driver fled away after the incident.


Pattaya Official Collects Orange Juice Sample

Pattaya officers went to inspect orange juice vendors in local market in order to collect some samples to test.


Pattaya Officials Inspect Company For Illegal Animals

Pattaya officers inspected a company after they had been notified that the owner pets several species of wildlife.


Drunk Russian Driver Collided Truck

A drunk Russian businessman collided a truck and fell down trail in the middle of the road.


Man Attacked Injured By Pattaya Loan Gang

A man was assaulted injured by illegal loan gang after the had loaned 40,000 baht from them.


Ladyboys Caught Red Handed For Robbery

Pattaya police made the statement after they had arrested a group of ladyboys who had robbed foreigner on Pattaya beach.


Faked Orange Juice In Bali Hai Pier

A street vendor sells faked orange juice in Bali Hai pier. He uses tap water and orange flavouring to produce orange juice.


Pattaya Starts Triathlon 2016

Pattaya mayor chaired the opening ceremony of “Pattaya Triathlon Super Series 2016”. Plus, Princess Bajrakitiyabha takes part in the event.


Burmese Labor Stabbed Injured

A Burmese man was stabbed injured by his father-in-law after they had severely argued each other as drinking.


Pattaya Triathlon Super Series 2016

Thousands of athletics join Pattaya Ironman League 2016.


Man Found Dead In Car

A man was found dead in a car. It’s expected that he might be dead due to overheating in car.


M-16 Bullets Found In Pattaya

A bag which contains M-16 bullets was found by motorcycle taxi rider.