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Pattaya Police Accused For Detaining And Sexual Abusing

A girl accused a group of Pattaya police for detaining and sexual abusing. Meanwhile, the suspects would meet the officers on October 23.


Frenchman Jumped To Death In Phuket

A Frenchman committed suicide by jumping from 16th floor of a Phuket hotel.


Pattaya Drug Agent Caught

Pattaya officials raided a house after drug party was always held there.


Pattaya Loan Shark Gang Busted

Pattaya officers raided loan shark gang after a woman had been threatened.


Drug Agent Busted In Sattahip

Sattahip chief district led a team to arrest drug dealer.


Pattaya To Change New Pier

Pattaya operator discussed together to give back Bali Hai pier to official. However, operators postponed half a month to give back.


King Bhumibol Stamp Collection Strong Demand

Post office is crowded with people who want to buy H M King Bhumibol’s stamp collection.


Man Drown Dead In Wongamat Bay

A man drown dead in Wongamat bay. The officers didn’t yet comment the cause of death whether intoxication or cramp.


Pattaya Decorates Black-White Strip For Late King Portrait

Pattaya official is decorating portraits of H M King Bhunibol with black-white strip fabric as appropriation during mourning period.


Underground Lottery Vendor Raided

Officials raided unofficial lottery vendor in South Pattaya.


Official Fly Flag At Half-Mast, Venue Still Open, Entertainment Cancelled

Pattaya official places flew flag at half-mast, governor confirmed venues still open but entertainment must be cancelled.


Internet Users Color Black

Black theme covers social media during mourning period.


Boy Shot With BB Gun By Unidentified Officers

A man brought his nephew to meet journalist after he had been shot with BB gun by a group of men like soldiers.


HM the King passes away

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away at Siriraj Hospital at 3.52pm on Thursday, the Royal Household Bureau announced.


Official Raided Sex Spa

Pattaya police raided a spa shop after they found out that the operator provided sex.


Officers Sent To Inspect Weird In Condo

Pattaya officers were sent to a condo to inspect a room after they had been notified someone saw body hung in a room.


Couple Robbed On Pattaya Road

A couple was robbed by motorcyclist on Pattaya road.


Man Caught For Attacking Japanese National

Pattaya police caught Thai man who assaulted drunken Japanese previously.


Chinese Got Gold Snatched While Walking

A Chinese tourist was snatched gold necklace by motorcyclist as walking on Pattaya street.


Russian Stabbed Injured

A restaurant owner was stabbed injured by her co-investor. She suffered severe injured.