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Chinese Got Gold Snatched While Walking

A Chinese tourist was snatched gold necklace by motorcyclist as walking on Pattaya street.


Russian Stabbed Injured

A restaurant owner was stabbed injured by her co-investor. She suffered severe injured.


Drunken Korean Assaulted Injured

A Korean man was attacked injured by Thai teenagers after he was drunk and damaged their car.


Tourists Has Bag Snatched In Pattaya

A group of Thai tourist were snatched a bag contained 3 iPhones by motorcycle theft.


Man Murdered In banan Field

A man was murdered after he had argued with another man while drinking.


Woman Caught For Human Trafficking In Rayong

A woman was caught in Rayong after she got involved with human trafficking.


Pattaya Tourism Slumps

Director of Thai Hotel Association revealed Pattaya tourism has plummeted.


German National Found Dead In Pattaya

A foreign man was found dead in Pattaya. It’s estimated that cause of death is congenital disease.


Girl Disappeared In Pattaya Bay

Police officers were notified a girl disappeared in Pattaya bay. Upon inspection it was only misunderstanding.


Sukhumvit Tunnel At 70%

Operator achieved 70% of construction of Sukhumvit tunnel. They still maintain master plan.


Officials Raided Illegal Guide In Walking Street

Pattaya official clamped down illegal guide offering naked show to tourist in Walking Street.


Drug Addict Caught On Pattaya Beach Road

A man was arrested by Pattaya police while he was high on drug on Pattaya beach road.


Russian Has Gold Snatched While Riding

A Russian couple was snatched gold necklace as riding, Russian man tried to chase thieves but he slipped on the road because of rain.


Chinese National Has Gold Snatched

A Chinese tourist was snatched gold necklace while walking on the street.


Myanmar National Found Dead Suspiciously

A dead body was found hanging on a coconut tree. Police didn’t confirm whether it is suicide or murder case.


Viagra Vendor Busted In Pattaya

A couple was caught after they had illegally sold viagra for a long ime.


Sedan Stuck On Beach Barrier

A driver ran out of control and car accidentally jumped on the footpath and stuck on beach barrier.


Thief Stole Wine In Family Mart

A CCTV footage of a thief who stole wine in Family Mart in Pattaya has been widely shared on social media.


Thailand’s First Ever Professional Fitness Queen in USA

September 10, 2016. IFBB Professional League organizer Tim Gardener organized the IFBB Phoenix Pro.


Officials Raid Pattaya Pub

Pattaya officials raided a pub after the operator opened over time limit and let teenagers in.