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Foreign Tourists Attacked Injured In Bar

Two foreigners were attacked by Thai men in Pattaya bar. In addition, suspects used to be caught for attacking foreigner last year.


Hell Angel Claims For Justice

Hell Angel vows to accept sentence of Pattaya court in the case that a group members had been murdered.


11 Problems Of Koh Lan

Koh Lan people marched to Pattaya City Hall to raise Koh Lan’s problem.


Pattaya Pickpockets Busted

Pattaya police made the statement after arresting pickpockets.


German National Abused Dog In Pattaya condo

Pattaya police were notified that several dogs in a Condo were abused by a German man.


Pattaya Fails To Manage Waste At Ko Lan

Ko Lan villagers complained official to cope waste issue urgently. The problem is pending for a long time.


Suspicious Object Found On Pattaya Road

A suspicious luggage was found on the edge of the road.


Laos National Busted For Plundering

A ladyboy from Laos was caught after he had assisted his Thai friend to plunder tourists.


Boy Trapped In Car

A boy was stuck in car as her mother walked to a grocery. Luckily, he was not injured.


Umbrella Thief Stole Motorcycle

A thief used umbrella to cover himself before stealing a motorcycle.


Foreigner Snatched By Ladyboy

An Oman national was snatched some money by Thai ladyboys as walking on Pattaya beach.


Pattaya Ladyboys Busted For Theft

Pattaya police caught and filed ladyboys on charge of theft.


Somtum Served By Spiderman

Spiderman becomes delivery man for restaurant in Pattaya.


Jellyfish Appears In Pattaya, Official To Cope It

Pattaya officials warned tourist to beware of jellyfish during monsoon.


Foreign Motorbike Gang Aimed To Crash Pattaya Police

Pattaya policeman was collided by teenager who intended to crash him. Luckily, people could catch troublemakers.


Housemaid Raped In Pattaya

A teenage housemaid had been raped by her employer. Plus, the employer also copulated with his wife in front of victim.


Indian National Plundered In Pattaya

An Indian man was plundered by 2 Thai girls while walking on local street.


Vietnamese Girls Caught For Pickpocketing

Pattaya police and tourist together caught 3 Vietnamese internationals who pickpocketed Chinese tourist.


Chinese Coma After Drowning In Pool

A Chinese tourist drowned in swimming pool in a Pattaya resort. He is recently coma in ICU.


Roof Collapse Caused Injured

Roof of restaurant in Ko Lan collapsed and the incident led to 2 injured. It’s expected that the cause of incident is nearby construction.