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31 July 2009 :: 23:07:26 pm 2415

Undiscovered Jomtien

There is an apparently little known stretch of South Jomtien Beach, starting at Soi Wat Boon and going all the way down to the end of the Jomtien Beach Road at Najomtien, that to all intents and purposes might just as well not exist as far as the vast majority of Pattayaites go. Big mistake! Here is an area of potential that is just yearning to be exploited, from wide, deserted beaches with no manic holidaymakers and a range of often quaint seafood restaurants, with some fine dining establishments, serving both Western and Thai cuisine, to a variety of hotels and guest houses, ranging from budget to resort-standard, offering probably better services and more competitive prices than downtown Pattaya, or the more populous end of Jomtien Beach, albeit many cater to tour groups. The baht bus service was somewhat light though and you’d be well advised to go by car if possible, though there were motorcycle taxis in abundance and the speed bumps interspaced along the road ensure they can’t go too fast.
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What follows is an exhaustive survey undertaken in true mad dog and Englishman style at the height of the mid-day sun, just so as to give you, our avid readers, a comprehensive and up-to-date perspective, especially those who cannily surf the Internet for bargains before they come to the Land of Smiles. It includes phone numbers, where applicable, and even some websites.

Starting at The Grand Jomtien Palace Hotel on the corner of Soi Wat Boon, this is a very well-appointed hotel with full services, including swimming pool, several bars, restaurant, gym and a host of other facilities. Room rates range from, Bt2,300-5,600 p.d. with Continental Breakfast at Bt140, Lunch starting from Bt400 and Dinner starting from Bt500. Website: www.grandjomtienpalace.com; tel: 038-231 405. GK Photos follows where you can have all your photographic requirements, photocopies etc. attended to. Sawasdee Dental Clinic is next, tel: 083-060 1917. After that comes the first 7/11, open, as all of them are, 24/7. Versace Master Tailor follows, catering to both ladies and gents, with quality made to measure clothes ready in 24 hours – tel:089-809 4787. There’s a small souvenir shop after that where you can buy Thai crafted elephants and all sorts of other exciting objects to make your stay memorable – tel: 038-232 871. Baan Thai Spa follows, where you can have your cares and anxieties gently eased away, with the full range of treatments ranging from Thai massage at Bt250 to a special package at Bt900 – tel:038-231 808. Mae Tanom Minimart is next and after that Wat Maihartguhungkorn, where you can stroll around and absorb the sacred atmosphere of a Buddhist temple.

Following is the TM Bank and the second 7/11. After that is Pizza Service serving pizzas in the restaurant and take aways – tel: 038-756 204. The No Name Restaurant comes next serving Thai and Danish food with rooms for rent at Bt800 p.d. Next comes Somprasong Plaza that we will be doing a special feature on another time. This is followed by Sarita Chalet and Spa, again another popular well-appointed hotel, with swimming pool and spa massage services. Room prices range from Bt1,290 to 3,200 p.d. and include breakfast. The rooms are equipped with mini-bar and fridges, air-con, music and phones, cable TV, safety deposit boxes and key card security. The restaurant serves a variety of cuisines, including Thai, Italian, French and Fusion menus. Website: www.saritachalet.com – tel: 038-233 952. Next door is Premier Homes Real Estate Office for all your property requirements – tel: 038-231 931.

After that comes the Glory Hut Foundation which offers succour for the abused – tel: 089-134 2605. A Family Mart is next and after that, Dr. Roch Dental Clinic – tel:038-232 955. Pk Country Home offering bungalows and rooms for rent from Bt490 – 2,500 p.d. and Bt6,000-20,000 per month. This resort style property offers big rooms, pool, spa and sauna – tel: 01-620 9351. Next is The Jomtien 12 Boutique Hotel, bar and restaurant with rooms priced at Bt1,350 p.d and 20% discount per month. Website: www.thejomtien twelve.com – tel: 038-756 865. Smile Dental Clinic follows, where they have a special promotion currently on laser teeth whitening for Bt7,000. After that is the Christian Baptist Conference and church. Next is Thai-Ger & Tiger Bar and Restaurant, a homely little place serving Thai and Western snacks – tel: 081-177 8688. After that is 2T Coffee and Cake, followed by Siam Tattoo where tattoos start at Bt1,500 each. Angel Guest House follows, here room prices are Bt600 p.d. including air-con and hot water. They also have a Thai massage and oil service. Then there’s the Queen of Thai Silk & Handicraft shop, followed by a pharmacy, Seaside Massage and the third 7/11.

Next along the Beach Road is Ton-Palm House with rooms from Bt4-500 p.d. and Bt3-3,500 per month, including air-con and hot water – tel: 038-756 761. After that is Poo Story Restaurant and Inn, where rooms range from Bt5-900 p.d. and 700 with sea view. They also have a Thai-Korean restaurant – tel: 038-231 832. The Beachfront Budget Hotel follows, here rooms cost Bt500-1,200 p.d. with cable TV air-con, hot water etc. – tel: 038-231 654. After that you have one of the largest condotels on the beach, Nusa Playa Hotel & Spa which is a fully-equipped, luxury hotel and long-stay residence, with room rates ranging from Bt4,200–8,500 p.d., and discounted rates for a month stay at Bt60,000, which also includes breakfast. All the rooms have a sea view. The hotel has a swimming pool, bar with live music, gourmet restaurant and Vietnamese restaurant. After that you come to the first major development on the Beach Road, View Talay Condo 8, with a showroom where you can check out condo availability and features. The development has now reached the 19th floor, 2 short of its total height. Website: www.v8condo.com – tel: 038-757 461. Next is Summer Beach Inn, with rooms priced at Bt400 & 600. The hotel also has a coffee shop called ‘Coffee by Heart’, which offers American breakfasts at a very reasonable Bt60. After that comes another Family Mart and then the Swan Beach Resort, where rooms are a flat Bt500. The hotel offers Thai massage, hi-speed Internet, beer garden and coffee bar, as well as a swimming pool. On the corner of Soi Mayday, aka Chaiyapruek 1, is the Marine Beach Hotel which is closed for renovation for two years.

Going due south, the first emporium you meet is the XXO Club, an erstwhile straight and gay nightclub, which has now changed its colours from rainbow to pink. Now, it has been revamped as Pattaya’s first lesbian club, no guys allowed, apart from in the upstairs restaurant. It offers a discreet cosy hideaway, with popular DJs poached from Bangkok’s RCA Club, like Loot, Seed and Challenge, ready to shake your bones till the early hours, daily. Next door, is a homely cafe outside the supermarket, much frequented by budget-conscious farang, who can consume the beer they’ve just bought, outdoors. Right next to that is Yorkies’ Cafe, open 8am-6pm, which serves all day breakfasts and other Western and Thai snacks, as well as having a shop where you can buy a variety of pies, made in the true Yorkshire tradition. But take note, the ladies are waitresses only and don’t go “off”. The first 7/11 is after that,

After that, there’s Tomas Restaurant, which will, I am assured by the management, be open to serve quality Thai and Western cuisine from July 29, or thereabouts. Tel: 087-941 4015 for reservations. RS Seaside is the first of the hotels, this one with very reasonably priced rooms, starting at Bt660 per night, with free Wi-Fi. Next door is Dolphin Place, which is more expensive and caters especially to long-stay tenants – tel: 038-231 545. To the left, down the side soi is D House, where the rooms are only Bt500 p.d. tel: 083-252 1719. Sue Minimart is next on Jomtien Beach Road after which there’s OK Beauty Salon where the ladies look plaintive, hoping you’ll drop in – tel: 087-142 8333.

After this, you’ve got some open ground, with a small development, which doesn’t seem to encourage buyers and then Jomtien Beach Paradise Resort (tel: 081-000 6838), with Leela Paradise Residence (tel: 089-833 3977 – website: www.leelaparadise.com). In the same complex is a modern, offset condo with rooms/apartments to rent – tel: 080-575 8854. Next come two rather pleasant restaurants, the first Cafe le Mar, pub and restaurant, serves US breakfasts at Bt120 and is currently running a wine promotion, with Clos L’Oratoir des Papes at Bt2,200, a French wine and a South African, Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc – Bt990, as well as having free Internet. Tel: 038-233 460 for reservations. The second, Cafe de Beach – relax restaurant is next, with free Wi-Fi and parking. Immediately after that is Korat Sea Food, an Isarn restaurant, with Choke D Windsurfing Club, next door, where you can hang out and discuss wave strength or wind patterns with the windsurfing buffs and even hire the kit, free Wi-Fi, again.

Then a short break before you hit the homely Thai Lungpong restaurant – tel: 081-863 9275. After that is Pattaya Condotel with long and short stay rooms – tel: 038-232 620. Following the condotel is the only beer bar down this end of Jomtien Beach, the Naughty Bar. There was no one around so I couldn’t ask the prices, but it didn’t look expensive. You can presumably take the ladies ‘off’, either to indulge in the services of Chaya Massage next door, or perhaps hire a room there. Next along the road is Seaside Jomtien Beach, restaurant and hotel – tel: 038-706 495. Here one of the 44 rooms is either Bt1400 or 1200 p.d. and it serves Thai and Western food.

The well-appointed, traditional looking Dragon Beach Resort is the first of the better type resorts, with large rooms with either double or twin beds priced at Bt1,500 p.d. including breakfast. Facilities include Thai massage, snooker and swimming pool. Website: www.dragonbeachhotel.com; tel: 038-706 364..

Steak House, which follows, serves Thai and Western food, open from 6pm-2am. The Natural Park Resort is next, with its own seafront restaurant. This is another well-appointed resort with lush gardens outside and 155 well equipped rooms inside, all priced at Bt1,500 p.d. Facilities include WiFi, swimming pool, massage and beauty parlour, and 60-channel cable TV in the rooms. They also have such excitements here as “Walk Rally”. Website: www.naturalparkresort.com; tel 038-231 561.

Star House massage is after that – tel: 084-139 7284, which also has rooms for rent. Next is the second 7/11 followed by Chaika Tour, where you can book exciting trips and such. Mantra Resort follows, tel: 038-231 198.

Then there’s Anantaya Resort, rather attractively decorated in traditional Thai style. They are currently running a special promotion: double-room Bt1,800 for 2, Two rooms for 3 people – Bt3,200, with a special rate of Bt4,000 for Friday/Saturday and long weekends, the latter includes American breakfast for 4. The onsite Jomtien Seafood restaurant serves both Thai and Western cuisine. Website: www.anantaya.com; tel: 038-706 441.

Metro Jomtien Condotel, next, is essentially a long established, long stay residence, but it does have rooms for rent at Bt14,000 per month in its Garden Home. Don’t forget to take your shoes off on entry, otherwise you’ll be rebuked, as I was! After this, suspended above the pavement is the sign for Najomtien Beach, so you know you’ve crossed the boundary when you get here.

The Sigma Resort is the first in Najomtien and the largest and most expensive resort in the area. They have 216 attractively appointed rooms, ranging from Bt1500 single, Bt3,800 2-bed and Bt4,800 double with sea view. The resort has full facilities including cable TV, mini-bar & fridge, bath & shower, with hot water in all the rooms. Communal facilities include swimming pool, Thai massage, snooker, fitness & sauna, table tennis, petanque, WiFi, and baby-sitting service. There’s also an onsite restaurant and bakery-coffee shop.

After which, there’s the See Sea Restaurant and pub, a homely Thai establishment. Lucky View Jomtien, next, has rooms for rent at Bt500, 800, 1,200 and 1,500 – tel: 086-334 2412.

After that comes Isawanya Beach Resort, another well-appointed resort, with lush gardens and rooms very reasonably priced at Bt1000. Full facilities again, including WiFi, cable TV, mini-bar & fridge, bath & shower, with hot water in all the rooms. Communal facilities include swimming pool, poolside bar, and delicatessen. Website: www.isawanya.com; tel: 038-232 145.

On site, by the entrance, is Rimini Italian Seafood restaurant, decidedly fine dining serving Italian and Thai cuisine, and open from 4pm-12am, where you must make reservations on 038-233 200/9.

Nacklae 3, next, is a homely and I suspect very popular Thai bar and restaurant, serving Beer Lao and Tiger beer. After that comes Avatara Condo with rooms for rent. Montrari Jomtien Beach View, next, is a boutique condo, probably quite expensive – tel: 097-772 2210 – website: www.montrari.com. At Sea Jomtien, after that, is a seafood restaurant. Following is Suttaniak Pattaya Seafood Restaurant, which also serves Federbrau beer, it also has a Japanese bar adjacent – tel: 038-232 222, open 11:30 am-12 am. The establishment also looks extremely popular, so I’d get there early to be assured of a place.

Reflection, among Pattaya’s most prestigious future developments, follows. Although no work has started as yet, the Sales Gallery is open from 9:30am – 6:30pm, where you can see models of the extensive development with its comprehensive facilities to come and choose a likely condo at your leisure. Tel: 038-233 111, website: www.reflectionpattaya.com.

Jomtien Chalet is after that, another boutique-style resort, with rooms to rent – tel: 038-231 208. This is followed by a Thai restaurant called Mr. Dog – tel: 086-150 1962. Quite what the significance of the name is, I’m not sure because hot dogs weren’t on the menu, or anything of that sort. I don’t think reservations would be necessary and it apparently would be a popular venue for teens and early twenties. There’s another homely Thai restaurant after this called Mahajetee, serving Thai and Chinese food – tel: 038-232 929, very popular among katoeys. Jomtien House Hotel has cheap rooms Bt500 next – tel: 038-231 111. Effectively the last establishment along the beach is Amigo Restaurant, next, which serves Macao and Thai food and also looked quite popular, open 6pm-12am. Finally, we have one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Pattaya.

As you may gather from the foregoing there are numerous restaurants and hotels, resorts and guest houses to suite every pocket. It seems someone doesn’t want us to know about what delights are available down the south end of Jomtien Beach; all the more reason to go and explore for yourselves, just to see what you’ve been missing. It really is a quiet and unspoilt end of town, with ample parking, deserted beaches, quaint seats along the beachfront where you can sit and wile away the time before continuing your exploration of all the hidden delights that South Jomtien Beach has to offer.

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