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07 October 2010 :: 17:10:24 pm 42874

Stranger than Fiction: Was God an Astronaut?

“Was God an astronaut?” asked Erich von Daniken and he was answered in the affirmative by Zecharia Sitchin, scholar of ancient languages and researcher into prehistory. And why did Sitchin answer “well, yes, actually, god was an astronaut”? Because the Bible told him so. Not the Bible as it’s ordinarily interpreted, which has been subject to numerous mistranslations and distortions, but the ancient Hebrew version of the Old Testament and the written sources from which it was taken, namely, from the Caanaanites, Hittites, Assyrians, Babylonians, and before them the Sumerians.
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What follows is a very condensed form of Sitchin’s writings and researches. The Sumerians had the oldest known civilization on Earth and their writings and those of the Akkadians were written in the ancient cuneiform script and on cylinder rolls. These writings told Sitchin the truth behind the legends about the origin of modern mankind, Homo sapiens, Adam and the Garden of Eden, but most importantly they told him about those called in the Bible the Nefilim, or Elohim, the gods. The word Nefilim was usually translated as giants, but according to Sitchin, it’s better rendered “Those who were cast down” or who descended.

The original Sumerian name of these gods was the Anunnaki,- Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came – specifically, from the twelfth planet in the solar system, Nibiru or Planet X. It was they who taught civilization to the Sumerians, and the truths they told were indeed stranger than fiction. All the ancient peoples believed in gods who had descended to Earth, it was only later that historians branded these beliefs fables and myth and implying fictional, not reality, so that today it is all regarded with scepticism and scorn.

The Sumerians knew the sun was the centre of the solar system before Copernicus and of the existence of the outer planets, Uranus Neptune and Pluto before they were rediscovered by Herschel, Adams and Leverrier and Tombaugh. They knew because they were told by the Anunnaki, who they maintained had actual seen them on their voyages from Nibiru. The Anunnaki said the original solar system had two planets, as well as the sun, namely Mercury and Tiamet, the watery planet. These were followed by Mars and Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

This is depicted in the cylinder scroll which shows one of the Anunnaki demonstrating the use of the plough to some Sumerians (you will notice he is seated, but standing he would be about 10 feet tall, hence a giant). In the top left of the picture, between the two standing men, you can see a central star or sun, surrounded by 11 planets.

The planet Nibiru, which originated in another planetary system, was captured by our solar system, the gravitational pull of which forced it into an orbit around the sun lasting 3,600 years. However, some 4 billion years ago this planet collided with Tiamet, then positioned between Mars and Jupiter, and effectively split it in two, one part becoming the Earth and the other disintegrating into the asteroid belt. The Moon was originally one of the 11 satellites of Tiamet, which began to orbit the Earth following the breakup of the watery planet. The other ten satellites became comets. This account was told in the original Sumarian epic, Enuma Elish, and its later Babylonian version, in symbolic form.

According to Sitchin, the Anunnaki relate they first came to Earth some 450,000 years ago to search for gold, which they needed in fine form to seed, rebuild and to protect their disintegrating atmosphere. The Anunnaki travelled to Earth in groups of fifty. The spacecraft of the first team, called in the texts ‘a celestial boat’, splashed down, while earth was still in the grip of the ice age, in the waters of the Persian Gulf. They then set up the first base in what became known as Mesopotamia, which was marshland. The first Earth base was called Eridu – ‘house in faraway built’, which was to become the first city of the gods. In time, 600 Anunnaki were deployed on Earth. Their first gold was obtained from water, but was insufficient, so they sent teams to what is now in South Africa to dig mines and extract gold.

However, in time the Anunnaki gold miners, exhausted through heavy toil and gradually growing to resent such menial tasks, considering they were trained as astronauts, rebelled. “For 40 periods they suffered the toil,” as the texts put it. Not long one might think, till you realise one period is the orbital revolution of Nibiru i.e. 40×3600=144,000 years. One has to remember one Earth year is one orbital revolution around the sun, hence one Nibiru year is 3600 Earth years. The gods certainly had extremely long lifetimes by Earth standards!

After much debate, their leaders decided the only reasonable solution was to create helpers to perform the menial tasks. Now the most evolved hominid or man-like ape on Earth at the time was the primate, Homo erectus, which had been around for some 1million years. Being advanced scientists, who after all had conquered space travel, the Anunnaki included in their number, geneticists, the most proficient of whom was Ninhursag/Ninti, the Chief Medical Officer. Enki, the Chief Scientist of the Anunnaki, suggested that an already existing being, could be upgraded by grafting Anunnaki genes on humanoid ones; so Ninti performed the gene-mixing and thus transformed Homo erectus into Homo sapiens. Thus was Adam, the first genetically modified primate created – man fashioned in the divine image, some 300,000 years ago!” The Book of Genesis states: “And Elohim/God said: Let us make Man in our image, after our likeness.” Later interpretations in the New Testament try to render God or Elohim as a singular masculine noun, but in the original Hebrew it is a plural masculine-feminine noun. So rather than one Divine being using the Royal We, it is in fact plural – the gods!

And more Homo sapiens were to follow. However, this first genetic hybrid’s sole function was to be a labourer in the gold mines, mankind’s’ sophistication and civilization was to come much later. In addition, many weird hybrids resulted before the perfect model was produced, but that’s another story.

Writer: Taliesin Verity

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