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Pattaya Daily News

03 July 2006 :: 15:07:28 pm 20837

Pattaya City Expats Club

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1. AT THIS WEEK‘S MEETING, JULY 2: The PCEC’s Annual General Meeting, elections for the Governing Board, and an update on the Suvarnabhumi Airport inauguration.
2. REVIEW OF LAST WEEK‘S MEETING, JUNE 25: Mo Tejani, a Ugandan world traveler of Indian-Muslim parentage, talked about his life and his new book, also, Nominations for Governing Board closed.
3. INTEREST GROUP MEETINGS: Boaters, Computers, Investors, Meditaters, Readers, Talkers, and Writers.
4. SPECIAL NOTICES, MEMBERS COMMENTS, DISCOUNT OFFERS & WEBSITE INFORMATION: Some new items were visas, scholarships, etc. Be sure to check them out, they might help you. And check our website at www.pattayacityexpatsclub.com for updates on the PCECs activities, Special Notices, Featured Restaurants, Visa and Drivers License information, and special offers.
5. OPEN FORUM: New member and guest introductions, & questions.
6. FORTHCOMING EVENTS: BBQ July 1, Big Candle Parade July 7, Puppet Show July 9, the PCEC Investment Group meeting changed to July 10, and a trip to the new airport in mid-July.

THE PATTAYA CITY EXPATS CLUB MEETS EVERY SUNDAY AT HENRY J. BEAN‘S RESTAURANT, on the grounds of the Amari Orchid Resort at the north end of Pattaya Beach Road. Parking is available next to the restaurant. An international and Thai Buffet breakfast is available from 9.30 – 11.00 AM, with prices ranging from 65 to 180 baht. Our meetings start at 10.30 AM. The meeting includes a presentation by a guest speaker, announcements of important information helpful to Expats, suggestions for things to see and do, and matters of general interest to foreigners in Pattaya. An important part of the meeting is the Open Forum, during which anyone is free to ask questions, seek information or offer helpful advice. Our meetings are open for anyone to attend.

1. THIS WEEK‘S MEETING, SUNDAY JULY 2 FIRST EVENT – PCEC ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and ELECTION OF GOVERNING BOARD MEMBERS – The AGM and Election of new members of the Governing Board will be the first item on the agenda.

VOTING – will start at 10:00AM and close at 11:00 AM. Please ensure you have your current Discount card with you. If you have still not renewed your card please contact Max Rommel at 038-225-935, or 01-822-7309 to ensure you have it on Sunday.

The election procedure will be overseen by Allan Sherratt, the Board selected Elections Officer. Peter Wheeler will be in charge of the Polling Booth, which will be situated in the Alcove at Henry J. Beans near the Buffet tables. Election rules will be strictly enforced.

There are 8 duly nominated and seconded candidates who have been ratified by members of the out-going Board. They are:

Michel De GOUMOIS, discount card number 760
Andre MACHIELSEN, discount card number 230
Lawrence (Laurie) McLOUGHLIN, discount card number 839
David MEADOR, discount card number 821
Drew NOYES, discount card number 460
Philip SCHWARTZ, discount card number 454
Harry (Zig) SIGWORTH, discount card number 133
Steve WATT, discount card number 296

Voting will start promptly at 10:00 AM. As soon as you have settled in your usual place at HJB, please go to the alcove, show your current Discount card, receive a voting slip, go to the designated table and mark your selection of UP TO SIX candidates names with a cross (X) for each one only. Any other mark will result in your vote declared invalid. You must then fold your ballot and put it in the Voting Box. Ballots may NOT leave the polling booth, any that are will be declared invalid.

Candidates are requested not to be in the Voting Booth (except to cast their own votes) or to solicit votes in that area during the voting period. You, or your representative, may observe the ballot counting but may not interfere with the counting procedure. Should there be a close or tied vote, a recount may be requested. Voting results will be announced when counting is completed.

The eleven members of the Governing Board serve two-year terms – six will be elected this year, and five next year for a total of eleven. Officers Chairman, Co-chairman, Secretary, Treasurer) are selected by the elected members of the Governing Board at the first Board meeting following their election, normally held after the AGM Sundays regular meeting. Following the Annual General Meeting the normal meeting agenda will resume.

Our speaker this Sunday will be Hans-Joachim Klohs, representing the firm that is to oversee the transition from Don Muang to the new Suvaranbhumi Airport. He will talk about the transition process and update us on the latest news about the airport. Tickets for the Suvaranbhumi Airport familiarization trip, now set for July 27, 2006, will be available from Hans Melig or Horst Schumm at the small table just inside the front door at HJB this Sunday. The deposit for the trip is 200 baht, the full price is 500 baht – the additional 300 baht will be collected on July 27, 2006 before departure to the airport.

The Boat Group is offering all members a fun trip to Koh Rin, a secluded Island about two hours away, next Wednesday, July 5, for 650 baht. See the Boat Group for more information.

A special seminar for UK Pension Holders is being presented by Montpelier Co., Ltd at the Conrad Hotel, Bangkok, Tuesday, July 4, 2006 at 7:30 AM. Reserve as a group or individually – call Ashley Weir, 02-661-5150 or email awellfair@montpeliergroup.com. The event is complimentary, which we think means that there is no charge to you.

Representatives of AA Insurance will be on hand to answer questions, supply forms, and accept completed forms for the Pattaya City Expats Club Group Insurance. They need a few more people. Please sign up at our Sunday meeting or at their office on Pattaya Central Road, located across from Carrefour and up a short way in the next block toward Sukhumvit. Coverage information is on the PCEC website at, http://www.pattayacityexpatsclub.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=592, with Topic Group Insurance, additional details, and a downloadable application.

Gary Brown will be our MC this week, Allan Sherratt will tell us about upcoming events, and Thor Halland will moderate the Open Forum.

2. REVIEW OF LAST WEEKS MEETING SUNDAY, JUNE 25: Gary Brown was our MC on this Sunday morning. He explained that Khun Sermsakdi, formerly with the Kings official photographic office, had placed pictures of the King, in honor of the Kings 60th year as the King of Thailand, around Henry J. Beans. Khun Sermsakdi introduced Khun Norm, the king’s current official photographer, who had taken many of the pictures. Khun Norm presented the Pattaya City Expats Club with a picture of his Majesty with several of his dogs, to thank the Club for its support and its participation in recognitions of His Majesty’s 60 years on the throne.

Gary then introduced our guest speaker, MO TEJANI, a Ugandan world traveler of Indian-Muslim parentage who talked about his life and his new book, published just this week. He is one of the more fascinating foreigners, living in Thailand, who has spoken at the Club. He spoke passionately about his early life and how he was forced to leave Uganda by the politics of his time, with the equivalent of US $50.00 to his name. The rest of his family’s goods had been stolen by the dictator of that time, Idi Amin. He became a world traveler, gained a wealth of knowledge from his travels and learned eight languages. Along the way, he picked up an undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts, and two Masters Degrees in Literature and International Studies, all from American Universities. He also taught English in Uganda, Canada, United States, Guatemala, Ecuador and Thailand, and had teaching assignments in several of these countries sponsored by NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations).

He illuminated his talk by reading passages from his book, a series of memoirs entitled “A Chameleon‘s Tale”, in an enchanting and attention grabbing manner that you could have heard a pin drop. The book itself, as an early reviewer stated, is a terrific read, well written, and reflects the depth of Mr. Tejanis intellect and understanding.

Mo (as we came to know him) then showed a number of slides showing some of the characters he had mentioned in his reading. It was an enthralling presentation, one of the best we have had at the club – and it was, as we found out later, his birthday! If you wish to know more about this highly talented writer, he can be contacted at www.mo-tejani.com.

We then had an update on the proposed familiarization trip to the new Suvaranbhumi Airport. The scheduled date for the trip is July 27, 2006, and the number of persons going will be limited to 270 by Thai Airways. A deposit of 200 baht is required to reserve a seat, and another 300 baht is to be paid on the day of departure. We understood that a meal of some kind was to be included, we hope to have that information at this Sundays meeting.

The Chairman of the Banglamung District Culture Council, Khun Surat, had invited Pattaya City Expats members to a candle making ceremony at Wat Chaimongkol. The candles were actually about one and a quarter meters high, and about 6 cm wide. The candles will be displayed in a Candle Parade on July 7, taking place on Beach Road, and throughout Pattaya. The goal of the candle making at Wat Chaimongkol this year was to make 60 of these candles – in honor of His Majesty the Kings sixty years on the throne. The candles are prepared for the beginning of Buddhist Lent. For more information please click on or go to, http://www.pattayacityexpatsclubcom/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=595.

3. INTEREST GROUP MEETINGS – The PCEC offers an opportunity for everyone to become involved in mid-week informal groups covering many interests. These are arranged by individuals who have taken the initiative to suggest and organize these smaller informal group meetings. All of these groups extend an open invitation for you to attend any meeting. Please check the various subjects out and join a group! If you have an interest or idea that you think might be enjoyed by others, please discuss it with a member of the Governing Board and we will help you publicize it – and we may be able to help with suggestions for a convenient meeting place.

DISCUSSION GROUP: TUESDAYS 10:30 – 13:00: Host, Thor Halland. We meet at the comfortable KAFFEE COFFEE shop in 3rd road, quite near the LOXINFO office. For those who are interested in discussion, or as a way to keep the mind fresh!!! All subjects are open for debate! Bring your thoughts and be prepared to defend your quarter. Please contact Thor for information at 07-128-7820, or by email at thorhalland@hotmail.com.

BOAT GROUP USUALLY WEDNESDAY’S 11:00 – 13:00: At Rods boat, the Edina, at the Bali Hai pier, or at the Bali Hai cafe if the boat is out on charter. Next Wednesday, July 5, 2006, Rod and the Boat Group are offering a boat trip for all members to Koh Rin on Rod‘s 65-foot boat Edina. The trip is about two hours by boat. The island is uninhabited, rather hilly, with a secluded beach, good swimming and snorkeling, and good fishing the last time Rod was there. We will have a catered lunch, and eat the fish we catch (for sure this time) for 650 baht per person. The trip will depart Wednesday morning at 10:00 AM (sharp), and return about 6:00 PM. We will need fifteen people to make this trip a go.

It is a fun day to wash your cares away – please call Rod Bets for more information and reservations at 06-245-3607, or sign-up on the sign-up sheet at the Information table, or if Sally is available she can bring it to you.

We also have a sign-up sheet for those who may want to go to Koh Si Chang. The charge is 750 baht, includes everything but tips. When we have 20 or more people signed up we will schedule the trip. If you would like more information about these or any other trips by boat, please feel free to call Rod for information. His phone number is 06-245-3607, or email info@pattayacityexpatsclub.com with questions. Rod also does Thursday evening dinner & sunset cruises, call him for information or email him at boatrentalsthailand@gmail.com. .

EXPATS SAILING CLUB: The Expats Sailing Club has purchased Paul Reeves 26 foot boat. For information, please see Richard Lecavalier, Ron Smith, Richard Smith or Paul Reeves, or any full member. For information or other questions by email, please send to ESC@pattayacityexpatsclub.com.

MEDITATION GROUP WEDNESDAYS AT 14.00: Host, David Parsley. The group meets at a member‘s house or at David’s Condominium. If you are going for the first time, please contact David for information at 09-208-5164 or by email at dmilton21c@yahoo.com, or Maggie at 07-073-4237, or contact her by email at maggiecou@yahoo.com for information.

TOUCHY TOPICS TINKERS THURSDAYS 13.00 -15.00: Host, Philip Schwartz. Meets at the Shagwell Mansions, across from Carrefour, in Soi Arunothai. This discussion group limits discussions to a specific Topic (or Topics) each week, the next weeks topics are to be determined by the members. The topics are designed to provoke thought, reasoned discussion, and research. It’s another way of keeping your mind moving, your brain cells exercising, your memory stretching, and your speaking ability getting the workout it needs. It’s fun, challenging, and it is for you, so join us at Shagwell Mansion and feel free to call your host Philip Schwartz at 06-035-4183, or contact him by email at tomfin42016@yahoo.com for the location, topic or other information. Topics for coming weeks – July 6: Economic systems: What comes next? – July 13: The Media: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

WRITERS CORNER: FRIDAY‘S 13:00 – 15.00: Host, John Lynham. We also meet at the Shagwell Mansions, across from Carrefour in Soi Arunothai. Please note we have a later starting time of 1:00 PM. Contact John Lynham for more information about the meeting place and the meeting. If you have any interest in writing, this vibrant group is where you should be. Bring pen and paper, and be ready for real creative fun. Contact John Lynham on 07.071.3978 or e-mail johnlynham@hotmail.com for more information.

POETRY GROUP, FRIDAYS: Time set by the Host, David Parsley. Please contact David at dmilton21c@yahoo.com for time, place and more information

BOOK EXCHANGE, SUNDAYS: Roger Fox is the co-coordinator for this very
informal and free exchange activity. His only request is that you make sure you take more books so that he does not have to carry them home. The table has been changing over the past weeks, please keep your eyes open for a pile of books in the middle of one of the tables in the Central Area of Henry J. Beans. CDs have also been showing up lately for exchange. We encourage that if you have one (or several) you don’t want to see or hear of again, bring it to the exchange pile, and get a new used one (or several). For more information contact Roger Fox at 04-073-1270, or by email at rogerbfox@hotmail.com

COMPUTER GROUP: The next meeting will be Monday, July 3, 2006 at Khun Kilins new shop on the corner of Thappraya Road and Jomtien Soi 5. For more information or to receive a meeting notice with directions, please contact Richard Smith at 038-412197, 09-244-9523, or by email at info@pattaacityexpatsclub.com, rick2@loxinfo.co.th, or see the Computer Group website at,

INVESTORS GROUP: The next full meeting of the Investment Group will be on Monday, JULY 10, 2006. It will be at 1:00 PM at the Mark-Land Hotel. Details will be sent to those on the Investment Group sign-up lists. We are looking for volunteers to take over this group. Please email Richard Smith at rick2@pattayacityexpatsclub.com if you are interested, or to be put on the sign-up list.

4. SPECIAL NOTICES, MEMBERS COMMENTS, AND DISCOUNT OFFERS: A note and request from the HJB staff. Food and coffee service are available from 9:30 to 11:00. There are still some people requesting refills after that time, so PLEASE obtain your coffee refills before the pot is removed at 11:00.

NEW AIRPORT, SUVARNABHUMI: Interesting information about the new airport, and the manufacturer of the panels that provide lighting and protection for the building can be found at
Thanks to Stuart Saunders for the information. We will have a speaker talking about the change over from Don Muang to Suvarnabhumi at our meeting this Sunday July 2nd, 2006, and a trip to the new airport July 28, 2006. The airport is now scheduled to open Sept. 28, 2006. We have several copies on DVD of the meeting which includes speaking by Stephen Buttling about the airport, available this coming Sunday, July 25, 2006 for 100 baht each. Please see Sally or Richard Smith. Stephen Buttling is giving the same talk at the Green Tree Restaurant, Soi 1 and Beach Road, on Monday evening, July 3 if you missed it the first time.

VISA OPPORTUNITY: Change a multiple entry to an O and then to a one year Retirement O. Anyone who does not have a one-year retirement visa, i.e., who is over 50 and living here legally, can do what David Parsley did. He converted his One Month Visa, issued at the Cambodian border, to a One Year Retirement Visa. It is now no longer necessary to leave Thailand in order to get an “O Visa”. The requirements for a Retirement Visa are – a minimum of 800K Baht in a Thai Bank account or a monthly pension of 65,000 baht, or a combination of the two (income approx. equivalent to 800K Baht per year). Fees total 3,900 Baht cash. It is a double process, first get the “O Visa”, and then get the Retirement Visa.
You need with you 2 letters from your bank, (these will be identical original letters, not one and a photo-copy), 2 photocopies of your bank statement, 2 photocopies of your passport, 2 photographs, a letter from a doctor to say you are medically fit, and 3,900 Baht cash (as mentioned).
If you go in the morning you can do the whole process in one day, and walk home with a Retirement Visa. The service is good, and in my experience the Immigration staff were very polite and efficient. Our thanks to David Parsley for the information.

NEW PACKAGE OFFERED FOR A ONE YEAR VISA: For a price you can get a one year Visa plus many extras in a new offering available at Immigration. We have had a meeting with the sponsors of the program, and learned that all of the normal Immigration forms are required. For anyone who has been through Immigration, this program offers no exceptional benefits. They are, however, interested in working with us to develop a program that would appeal to PCEC’s long stay members. We have suggested some improvements to them, and they will talk to us about any improvements that they may be able to develop. The information on the brochures can be viewed on our website at,

SIXTY HALF-PRICE SCHOLARSHIPS TO THE ASIAN UNIVERSITY: To Celebrate His Majesty’s 60 year reign, the president of Asian University, Dr Viphandh Roengpithya (Dr Vip) is offering 60 half-fee scholarships. The scholarships are now available on a first come, first served basis, and are available to Thais and foreigners, for undergraduate and post-graduate study. Potential students must meet the academic criteria for entry to the course they wish to take; some terms and conditions apply. For further details, please contact the Asian University admissions office on campus at 038-754- 450 or Asian University Bangkok office at 02-253-4771. This information is on our website at http://www.pattayacityexpatsclub.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=588.

OUR NEWEST FEATURED RESTAURANT: SYMPHONY Owner-Manager Hugh Millar is anxious to greet members of the PCEC, and treat them to an evening of very good food and excellent house wines. Please see our website for more information at http://www.pattayacityexpatsclub.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=594.

WELCOME TABLE and PHUKET COFFEE: David Meador continues to be our man at the Welcome Table set up outside the entrance to Henry J. Bean‘s. This is a service offered to our members and guests. If you would like to help him out and volunteer to greet people as they arrive, please see David any Sunday.

DRIVING LICENCES: Thor Halland will arrange the next visit to the Driving License Office when there are several people needing to go. If you need to get your license renewed or obtain a new one, please make sure you have all the necessary paperwork done before you go. If you do not know what you need, check the updated article on our website at: http://www.pattayacityexpatsclub.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=11.

IF YOU ARE A NEW MEMBER DO NOT FORGET TO ORDER YOUR DISCOUNT CARD – OR IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER DO NOT FORGET TO RENEW YOUR DISCOUNT CARD: See Max Rommel at the table near the door. If you want to get those discounts at restaurants and hospital you must have a valid card. If your card is out of date you must get it renewed. Max Rommel, Treasurer, will do the job for you during the meeting so hand him your card and money (300 baht) when you come in and make sure you collect the card when you leave. IF you wish to vote in the election this Sunday July 2, 2006, you will have to have a valid Discount card to do so. Check yours now.

5. OPEN FORUM, with Thor Halland: Take an opportunity to ask questions, complain, or offer advice if not otherwise covered in the regular meeting.

6. FORTHCOMING EVENTS: Please help by letting Allan Sherratt know of any events you think would be of interest to Foreigners living or visiting Pattaya. He would be grateful to get AS MUCH ADVANCE information as possible. If you are organizing a meeting, show, or other event, or if you hear of something happening that would be of interest to PCEC members, please e-mail allandff@yahoo.co.uk. He will announce the activity at the regular meeting, and add it to our Newsletter and website listing. For those interested in trade fairs, there is a complete listing at, http://www.thaitradefair.com for events & shows in Bangkok, go to

UNTIL JULY 9, 2006 – ANOTHER EXHIBITION AT GALLERY OPIUM CHAOS: The Nanajittang Group/Burapha university at Gallery Opium, 315/26 Thepprasit Road. The Nanajittang Group recently graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Burupha University. Some are now doing masters degrees, some are working as artists, and others are working in art-related fields. Nanajittang means different ideas, different minds, and the art presented reflects their individual styles. The works exhibited are from the final year of the artists’ degree course; the mediums used are mixed media, acrylic oil on canvas, oil on canvas, and tempura on canvas. The title of the Exhibition Chaos has been so named as it not only links the 9 artists by its acronym, but also through chaos as can be felt from Tanikans. Inside State with Memories, and there is order with Netikasems Memorable Palace series.
The exhibition of these 9 emerging artists shows an incredible diversity of style and if at all possible any art lover should try not to miss it.

SATURDAY, JULY 1, 2006: The QUEEN VICTORIA INN is celebrating its 5th Birthday and the Charity Club of Pattaya’s 2nd Birthday! The Celebrations will be starting at 2.00 pm. There will be FREE Bar snacks from 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm, with live music and lucky draw prizes throughout the day. At 5.00 pm, the tasty All U Can Eat Carvery of Beef, Pork and Chicken with all the trimmings will be available at the special price of 200 baht. ALL the proceeds of the day will go to The Charity Club of Pattaya for their work amongst the disadvantaged in and around Pattaya. Live Music will start at 2.00 pm with the San Miguel Band. The Lucky Draw will take place about 21:15- 21:30 to make way for the ENGLAND World Cup match.

SATURDAY, JULY 1, 2006: The PILC and Rabbit Resort are sponsoring A CHARITY FUNDRAISER for the Ban Jing Jai Orphanage at the Rabbit Resort at Dongtan Beach, Jomtien. It starts at 4:30 PM. Tickets are 800 baht each. See Allan Sherratt or Richard Smith for ticket information.

THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2006: The MEMBERS DINNER FOR JULY will be at the attractive OLE RESTAURANT in Soi Day and Night. For those who attended our last dinner at Ole, the new decor will be a pleasant surprise and the food is just as good now as it was then, but in much nicer surroundings. We have agreed to take their 3 course set menu at 320 baht – and to make it even simpler they are going to print special menus for us with a choice of 2 items for each of the three courses. We will have drinks from 7:30 PM, and dinner at 8:00 PM. Directions and a map are on our website. Please sign-up. The sign-up sheet will be on the information table, or you may request it from Sally

FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2006: There will be A PARADE OF CANDLES made on the weekend of June 24 and will be presented on highly decorated floats going down Beach Road. This is a traditional Thai event, and a major event of the year in some towns in Thailand. If you contributed to the candle making the weekend of June 23, you will see your candles finely decorated, on a float. The parade will start about noon. It sounds like fun for kids, too. If anyone has experience in announcing, the sponsors are looking for a good English language voice to help describe the event (please contact Richard Smith, 038-412197 or Sally, 06-314-5679 if you are interested.

SUNDAY, JULY 9, 2006: A PUPPET SHOW AT ALCAZAR, with internationally recognized puppeteers. Presenting their show will be Joe Louis. This is a fun and interesting event to raise money for the Banglamung Red Cross. The wife of the Banglamung Nai Amphur, Khun Suphakit, is head of the Banglamung Red Cross. Tickets are 500 and 1000 baht, see Richard Smith or Sally.

MONDAY, JULY 10, 2006: A NEW OVERHEAD ENTRY SIGN at the south entrance to Walking Street will be dedicated.

SUNDAY, JULY 16, 2006: The PATTAYA MARATHON will be run, starting from Soi 6 on Beach Road at 4:00 AM to avoid the heat of the day and high humidity. You can get your morning run in, and be finished in time for the Club meeting that starts at 10.30 AM, 9:30 for the breakfast buffet!

PATTAYA CITY EXPATS CLUB WEBSITE is at http://www.pattayacityexpatsclub.com. The website is your source for breaking news about the club and matters that may affect you – please bookmark our site address and visit it often for new news and information. We encourage anyone who has a business to add your website or email address to our links so that anyone accessing the website can go directly to your web site. Please also check the huge list of “links” we now have under the topic, “News you can Use” at
http://www.pattayacityexpatsclub.com/modules.php?ame=News&file=article&sid=433. You may view our photo album of PCEC recent activities on the web shots website at, http://community.webshots.com/user/rick2d1 (copy the address to your address box, or hold down the Ctrl key and click on the address). Photos may be viewed, seen as a slideshow, or downloaded from the site.

OUR PCEC MOTTO IS EXPATS HELPING EXPATS – If you have any comments, Positive or negative, or suggestions that would help improve the Club and its service to its members, please address them to info@pattayacityexpatsclub.com
or to chairman@pattayacityexpatsclub.com.

To leave the mailing list:

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