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11 October 2010 :: 18:10:25 pm 43694

Evidence of Salient Extraterrestrial Involvement on Earth

We spoke about the urgency of the moment in our last article ‘The Dawn of Disclosure’ for to quote Victor Hugo - "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come." Certainly, the need to fully inform the populace of the world about not only the existence of extraterrestrials but the extent to which they have influenced mankind’s whole history is paramount. This point was made by the Director of the Disclosure Project, Dr. Steven Greer, in his briefing on UFO Disclosure to President Obama, requesting that he come clean about both ET-government involvement and the secret US space and ‘black-ops’ programme , estimated to be costing US$100 billion annually.
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Evidently a full disclosure is totally out of the question, when we begin to learn of the full extent of ET involvement in man’s affairs.

Secret Underground Bases

Take the secret bases for example. ‘Whistleblowers’, i.e. those intimately involved in this secret programme have been consistently coming forth, especially over the last 20 years, to reveal the existence of numerous secret joint US-alien-run subterranean complexes, largely in the continental US, like Area 51,Groom Lake and Dulce, New Mexico: the latter where genetic experiments have been conducted over the past 4 decades, many by reptilians.

At Dulce, for instance, there were a succession of floors, the lower ones being largely the domain of ‘aliens’, with extremely restricted access to humans. Here, using the DNA and tissue of abductees and animals, near human hybrid were ‘created’. In 1979, however, it is suspected that the US attempted unsuccessfully to take over the base by force with 66 humans killed and 44 escaping.  One of those who escaped the base was a CIA agent who, before leaving, made some notes, photos, and videotapes, before going into hiding.

In December 1987 a description of these so called “Dulce Papers” was leaked, and received by many researchers. The Dulce Papers themselves were supposedly composed of the following:

  • 25 black and white photos
  • A 6 minute video tape of Dulce Facility with no dialogue
  • A set of technical papers pertaining to the facility

Significant contents included:

  • discussion of true purpose of the EBE’s (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities)
  • discussion of usage of cow blood
  • discussion of DNA manipulation
  • discussion of “almost human beings”
  • discussion of “creation of non-gender being”
  • sketches of the photos

Quoting directly from The Dulce Papers,”a Type One – ‘almost human’ creature was manufactured from animal tissue with a computer simulated memory, actually drawn from another human being; it was slightly slow and clumsy. Real humans are used for training to experiment and to breed with these ‘almost humans’. Some humans are kidnapped and used completely, including their atoms. Some are kept in large tubes and kept alive in an amber liquid. The sperm of some humans is used to alter the DNA and create a non-gender being called a “Type Two”, with a life span of less than a year. Some female humans are used for breeding.”

Time-Space Travel

Dr. Dan Burisch was a Senior Operative/Scientist, responsible first to the Committee of the Majority and the Majestic 12 (1986-2003), then only to the Majestic 12 (2003-2005). This is a group which operates without the consent of the people, or the oversight of the President and Congress. It functions as a trans-national government unto itself, answerable to no one. As ‘Microbiologist V’ at the Papoose Lake Facility (S4) and Working Group Leader on Project Aquarius, his responsibilities included leading a group of scientists in the investigation of a captured ‘J-Rod’s’ (‘Grey’) neuropathy. Such investigation included his being introduced into a Clean Sphere containment unit and interacting directly with the J-Rod, then processing, evaluating, and transforming tissue samples for reintroduction into the J-Rod, with the intent to cure a supposedly incurable pathology. During this Dan was exposed to the ‘Looking Glass’ project – a back-engineered extraterrestrial device originally designed to be a portal-opening mechanism for Stargate-type travel into both the past and the future. The J-Rod with whom Dan formed an intimate relationship told him that he was a human time-space traveller from a planet in the Gliese System 15 light years from 52,000 years in our future. He had come back in time not only to try to obtain help for his people’s illness, but to share a information with us so we could take the necessary steps to change our future for the better. He stated that in the very near future, 2012+, humanity could either be faced with great catastrophe or a species renaissance. If we go in the wrong direction, humanity will become fractured as a result, splitting off into the forerunners of the J-Rods and the Orions. His advice was to encouraging everybody to concentrate on UNITY and to meditate or pray for humanity to successfully move through this upcoming period of crisis. Dan illegally helped this particular J-Rod to escape forward into his own time via the stargate; an action which cost him his job and reputation.

The Secret World Government and Ark Programme

Another whistleblower, Henry Deacon, who has personally travelled through time-portals called ‘jump rooms’ to a secret base on Mars manned by both humans and ETs, and who is a veritable insider and privy to a great deal of ‘esoteric’ information dispelled the prevailing notion that the supposed Secret World Government, variously called the ‘Controllers’ , the Illuminati, the Committee of the Majority, and/or various ET groups, are in control. The Illuminati were originally descended from the Anunnaki bloodline and include the majority of the European royal families, aristocracy and blue bloods of Europe and America, including the Rothschilds, Mellons , Rockefellers, Morgans, Warburgs, Schiffs, Bushes and Marburgs. ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail’, the original from which the ‘Da Vinci Code’ was plagiarized, is an adaptation of the same theme, namely maintaining a pure bloodline. It has been asserted that this group has a very destructive and manipulative agenda and has been responsible for orchestrating all the wars since the 16th century, as well as producing economic crises and depressions, including the current one, and is intent on reducing the planet’s population by any practicable means so as to gain total control, introduce the New World Order and reduce the human race to a slave state.

However, Deacon asserts that not only is there no overarching mastermind group successfully running the planet, but that at agency, military and black project level there are many factions, vying for control, with many different agendas between them. Some groups may be doing their utmost to help the situation, Deacon includes the secret space program in these, which he describes as a kind of a lifeboat programme for Planet Earth in the event that things go radically wrong in the near future.  Dr. Dan Burisch verifies Deacon’s information saying an ‘Ark’, which was partially constructed on Earth in Area 51, was subsequently transported to the Moon in case it should be needed.

The Indigo Children

Ancient traditions relate that when the planet Earth is in mortal danger, illumined beings will be born who previously incarnated in other ancient times of planetary crisis. They have literally amazing inborn talents which will be used to ameliorate the hardships resulting from catastrophes and guide the survivors to a safe haven. One such is young Boris Kipriyanovich, a so-called Indigo Child from Russia. He came to light when Gennady Belimov, a university professor in the Volgograd region of Russia, witnessed Boriska, then aged just seven, astound an adult audience during a camping trip in which he held them spellbound for an hour and a half as he recounted tales of past lives on Mars and Lemuria, and warned of catastrophes due to affect the Earth in 2009 and 2013.

Boris went to day care after he turned two. All of the caregivers said that he was very gifted with languages, and had unusual brain development. They noticed that he had a phenomenal memory. However, his parents noticed that the way their son gathered knowledge was not only through observing his surroundings, but, it would seem, from other sources: he picked up information somehow from nowhere – as if by osmosis!

“No one taught him,” remembers his mother, Nadezhda, “but he somehow got into the habit of sitting in the lotus position, and just listen to him! He cast such pearls and details about Mars, about the planetary systems and other civilizations, that it amazed us… But how could the child know all of this?… Space, and the cosmic subjects in his stories – these were the constant topics from when he was two.”

Boriska recounts that he use to live on Mars, when the planet was habitable, but that it survived the worst catastrophe in its history, the loss of its atmosphere, and now a few remaining inhabitants live in underground cities. At that time, he often flew to the Earth on trade and scientific research missions, apparently, as a pilot of a space vessel. This was at the time of the Lemurian civilization. Regarding the demise of this ancient civilization, he recalls
“A huge catastrophe happened on Earth, where mountains exploded and a huge continent broke apart and sunk under the water”

On the immediate future, Boriska predicts “On Earth, something is going to happen, two catastrophes, therefore these children are being born. They have to help people. The poles will switch. In 2009 there will be the first great catastrophe on one large continent, and in 2013 there will be an even more powerful one.”

When asked if he was afraid, he replied: “No, I’m not afraid, we live forever. There was a catastrophe on Mars, where I lived before. There were the same people as us, but there was a nuclear war and everything burned. Some people survived and houses were built, and new weapons. There was also a change of continents there. However that continent was not large.

We hate Earth’s air, because from your air comes ageing. There, on Mars, people are forever young, around 30-35, and there are no old people. With every year these children from Mars will be born more and more on Earth. In our city there will be no fewer than twenty.”


These have been but a few of the more salient revelations that we should all be aware of, irrespective of whether the Powers That Be in their wisdom deem it advisable and despite their efforts to obfuscate and distort history and current reality let us remember and take heart from one of the wise sayings of St. Luke: “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”- Luke 8:17
And to close, George Orwell’s telling maxim “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Let us all then become revolutionaries and cast off the mental shackles which have been used to fetter us, for the time is NOW.

Writer: Taliesin Verity

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