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20 October 2010 :: 16:10:59 pm 44444

Disclosure: The Reptilian Menace (Part 1)

The dinosaurs were among the most successful animals ever to live on the Earth. Their reign lasted over 100 million years and, until recently, the prevalent theory maintained their demise was the result of the KT event, 65 million years ago, when a 10 km-wide meteorite impacted on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula causing the Chicxulub crater and leading to worldwide forest fires, several km-high tsunamis, and an 'impact winter' resulting in the dinosaurs being blasted, roasted and frozen to death.
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However, recent research disputes the pat explanation of the KT impact, London University’s Claire Belcher maintains wildfires were not widespread in North America following the impact; San Diego State University’s Prof Dave Archibald disputes the fact that an ‘impact winter’ caused a massive and sustained drop in temperature and Princeton Prof Gerta Keller produced evidence of two impacts, separated by 300,000 years.

The question is could some dinosaurs have survived in the remote fastnesses of the earth as told of in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional work, ‘The Lost World’? The world abounds with lakes reputedly harbouring plesiosaur-like creatures around the world, from Scotland’s Loch Ness to Canada’s Lake Okanagan, America’s Lake Champlain to Argentina’s Lake Nahuel. Others maintain the frequently seen sea monsters are 40-foot ichthyosaurs. In the remote jungles of the Congo, native legends tell of Mokele-Mbembe, a 35-foot long dinosaur-like creature with brownish-gray skin and a long, flexible neck, reputed to live in caves it digs in riverbanks, and feeds on elephants, hippos, and crocodiles. Chicago University’s Roy Mackal, who led two unsuccessful expeditions in search of the Mokele-Mbembe, believes it to be “a small sauropod dinosaur”. Pterosaurs or ‘winged lizards’ of the pterodactyl and pteranodon variety are depicted in ancient rock carvings and have been seen soaring through the skies of the Southwestern United States and Mexico as recently as 1982. One of the best accounts was by Frank H. Melland who, in 1923, collected reports from Zambian natives of an aggressive flying reptile they called kongamoto, described as being featherless with smooth skin, having a beak full of teeth and a wingspan of between four and seven feet. When shown illustrations of pterosaurs, Melland reported, “every native present immediately and unhesitatingly picked out and identified it as a kongamato.” If dinosaurs did survive and continued their evolution, what might the super-smart raptors of Jurasic Park 3 have evolved into?

The answer to this question was provided by one of the whistleblowers on Project Camelot’s website, who had had an interview in one of the secret US underground bases with a member of an extra-terrestrial saurian species, who can best be described as a 7-foot tall, mini-Tyrannosaurus-Rex! The human says it was virtually impossible to concentrate on what the saurian was saying as he was fascinated by its long teeth! It transpired that this saurian was relatively friendly and related how it was one of the last of its race that had been rescued from its planet (not the Earth) just prior to the planet being annihilated in a cosmic catastrophe.

The most realistic explanation of the origin of life on Earth, the author believes, is that there is a universal ‘team’ of ‘cosmic gardeners’ who constantly seed with life forms the various planets in the galaxies that are capable of life. These life forms either thrive, or are transplanted to more hospitable planets. This theory nicely explains the dinosaur story related above.

Ancient traditions speak of the survival of Lemurians and Atlanteans, reputedly for immense amounts of time, free from disease, in some of the massive subterranean caverns, which honeycomb the earth. When the Nazis were building their secret underground base in New Swabia, Antarctica, toward the end of WW2, they broke through into ancient antediluvian caverns believed to date back to Lemuria. Ferdinand Ossendowski related in 1924 that he had heard from a Chinese lama that all the subterranean caves of North and South America, of which there are apparently an astounding number, are inhabited by an ancient people who vanished beneath the Earth. Among the most famous of these underground citadels is the legendary sub-Himalayan kingdom, Agartha, supposedly entered between Chgatse and Shamballah in Tibet, where individuals who have “attained the highest knowledge” live.  In the opposite vein, Theodore Illion, in his book ‘Darkness Over Tibet’, described the inhabitants of an underground city beneath Tibet, which the author claimed to have stumbled on. This underground community was allegedly ruled over by a powerful sorcerer who was part of an international secret society and who kept the inhabitants, many of whom were people who had ‘disappeared’ from the upper world, under complete mind-control to the degree that they lacked any personality, their eyes were vacant and empty, and their lives were emotionless and drone-like.

Traditions of vaults, labyrinths, tunnels and buried treasures of remote antiquity are found in Crete, Egypt, Tibet, Angkor, India, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. Old Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Cretan, Angkorian, Tibetan, Indian and Mexican legends specifically refer to the “serpent” deities who were believed to have once resided in the “underworld”– for underworld read subterranean realms- and who possessed supernatural powers. The Nagas, serpent gods of Bharat, or ancient India, which supposedly live in extensive underground palaces in the Himalayas, were credited with the ability to fly through outer space and to possess amazing magical powers and hyper-intelligence. The Hindu Vedas maintain the Nagas’ power to inflict almost instantaneous death was the equivalent of the energy of creation or fire. In ‘The Coming Race’, written by the Rosicrucian Grandmaster Bulwer Lytton, an underground race is described as having possessed ‘Vril’, identical to the Hindu’s ‘serpent force’. The Hebrew account stated that the serpent race (originally uncorrupted) irredeemably sold itself out to demonic entities in exchange for occult powers and dominion over the human race. These infernally-empowered beings, who once roamed the surface of the planet and preyed on humanity, were later forced to go underground and make their abode in the subterranean networks, which honeycomb the sub-crust of the earth. From these nether regions, they have been carrying out their ancient and secret warfare against the souls of men for thousands of years.

Zulu “Sanusi” (Shaman) Credo Mutwa maintains the Zulu people have known since time immemorial that the Earth moves around the Sun, that space and time were one and the same, that there are 24 planets in our part of space which are inhabited by intelligent creatures in various states, and that you can travel through outer space. He relates the Zulu belief, shared by over 500 tribes in parts of Africa, that many, many thousands of years ago there arrived, out of the skies, a race of people who were like lizards, people who could change shape at will. He asserts they are associated with certain stars in part of the Milky Way, which the Zulus call Ingiyab, which means ‘The Great Serpent’. And there is a red star, near the tip of this huge rim of stars called Isone Nkanyamba, or Alpha Centauri in English. Credo continues “It is said that these creatures feed on us human beings; that they, at one time, challenged God Himself to war, because they wanted full control of the universe. And God fought a terrible battle against them and He defeated them, injured them, and forced them to hide in cities underground.

They hide in deep cavities underground, because they are always feeling cold. In these cavities, we are told, there are huge fires which are kept going by slaves, human, zombie-like slaves. And, it is further said that these Zuswazi, these Imbulu, Chitauli or whatever you choose to call them, are not capable of eating solid food. They either eat human blood, or they eat that power, the energy that is generated when human beings, on the surface of the Earth, are fighting and killing each other in large numbers.”

To be continued…..

Writer: Taliesin Verity

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