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Pattaya Daily News


Pattaya News


Cars Scratched In Pattaya Apartment

Cars in Pattaya apartment were damaged by a man. The reason of act is still unknown.


Man Caught For Raping

Thai man was attacked and caught after he tried to rape a girl.


Waterfront Tells Lie To Buyer

Waterfront informed its buyers they are approved to continue construction, though they weren’t yet approved by Pattaya city.


ABC Reports “Hells Angels Pattaya”

ABC follows Hells Angels Pattaya after several issues were reported.


Torn Wire Hangs Down On Pattaya Road

Tourist bus damaged overhead wire torn. Official didn’t yet fix it.


Expat Falls To Death In Pattaya Department Store

Man from Hong Kong fell to death at department store on Pattaya Beach road.


Man Caught For Snatching

Thai man was arrested for snatching wallet from Norwegian tourist.


Pet Shop Burgled In Pattaya

Owner of pet shop told her story to journalists after no progress in case of robbery in the shop.


Thief Broke Handcuff, Attacked Officers And Fled Away

Volunteer police were attacked injured by handcuffed thief as they were delivering the suspect to question at Police station.


Pattaya Beggars Busted

Police clamped down alien beggars in Pattaya.


Interview With Construction Engineer Of Central Pattaya Tunnel

Head engineer of Central Pattaya tunnel construction revealed progress of construction and how to solve congestion during Songkran.


Street Vendor Annoying People At Bali Hai

Street vendors still annoyed tourists at Bali Hai.


Four Years In Prison For Mob Leader

Mob leader who obstruct ASEAN Summit 2009 went to Pattaya court to listen to sentence. He was sentenced to hail 4 years.


Criminal Crackdown In Pattaya

Pattaya police cracked down crime due to Royal Thai Police policy.


Blaze Breaks Out At Pattaya Warehouse

Pattaya warehouse was on fire. Damage cost is around 100 million baht.


Thai-Indian Exposed For Pretending

Thai-Indian was exposed after he tried to trick operator that he was CIA officer and he tried to request attribute.


Tourist Crashed To Death In Pattaya

Russian tourist was killed by driver as talking to video call on Pattaya road.


Thai-Indian Attacked In Walking Street By Guards

Man was attacked by pub guards as hanging out in Walking Street. He was blamed as spy.


Official Inspected Contamination In Food

Pattaya official inspected market to inspect contamination in food. The officers found dangerous substance in food.


Official Kick-Off Renovation To Bali Hai Pier, People Confused

People are confused route and parking zone in Bali Hai pier after project to renovate Bali Hai pier is effective today.