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Viagra Vendor Busted In Walking Street

Street vendor was caught in Walking Street for selling sex toy and viagra.


Blaze Broke Out In Pattaya House

A house of foreigner was on fire. Luckily, the owner can get out of the house on time.


Underground Motorcyclists Clamped Down In Bangsaen

Police officers installed checkpoints to clamp down illegal motorcyclists who arrange racing on local road.


Official To Change CCTV System

Pattaya will make change to CCTV system in order to succeed better performance.


Guide Hits Chinese In Bali Hai

Chinese tourist was attacked injured by drunken guide. The reason is still unknown.


Pattaya Minibus To Be Controlled Strictly

Pattaya officials discussed each other to intensely cope minibus problems.


Suspects Caught For Raping Girls

Pattaya police caught 4 men who suspected for raping 2 girls.


Minibus Driver Blamed As Burglar

Pattaya minibus driver handed in dropped bag to officer; however, he was almost blamed as thief.


Girls Raped And Left In Pattaya Deserted Road

Two girls were raped and left in deserted road after they went to drink with teenage boys.


Huge Traffic Sign Installed At Central Pattaya Tunnel

Official Central Pattaya tunnel for a short time to install big traffic sign.


Pattaya People Robbed On Pratamnak Hill

A girl was robbed in deserted road on Pratamnak hill. Plus, the thief is teenager.


Foreigner Has Gold Snatched By Pattaya Teenager

A foreigner was sntache this gold necklace as walking on local road.


Thief Robs Luxury House In Pattaya

There was robbery in luxury house in Pattaya. The thief took several items cost around 300,000 baht.


Man Assaulted By Pattaya Teenage Gang

Man was attacked by a group of teenager after he scolded them because they damaged public property. Plus, his motorbike was taken.


Official To Make Order For Pattaya City

Pattaya city would intensely make tidiness and order to transportation further after Bali Hai project.


French National Jumped To His Death In Pattaya Department Store

French man jumped down from 6th floor dead in Pattaya department store. The reason of suicide is unknown.


Kuwait National Caught After Using Other Credit Card

Kuwait national was caught after he picked a credit card and used it to buy several items.


Foreign Man Drowned Dead In Pattaya Sea

German national was found drown dead in Pattaya sea. It’s expected that the cause of death is heart attack.


Mobile Phone Shop Robbed

Couple stole several items from mobile phone shop. It’s estimated that the damage cost is around 370,000 baht.


Faked Policemen Extorted Thai Man

A man was tricked by fake policemen who extorted him on Pattaya road.