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Algeria National Caught For Robbery

Algerian was caught by Pattaya police after robbing guest rooms in hotels.


Yet Again Expat Stabbed Inured

Foreigner was assaulted injured by group of Thai men in Pattaya.


Foreigner Found Dead In Pattaya Condo

A foreigner body was found falling dead in Pattaya condo. The cause is still unknown.


Snatcher Caught Red Handed In Walking Street

Pattaya police made statement after arrest ladyboy snatching foreigner.


Officials Raid Hoteliers Operating Without Permit

BangLamung chief inspected and closed 2 hotels after operating without permit.


Officials Maintain Order In Valentines

Pattaya officials patrolled to eliminate criminal in Valentines Fest.


Minister Chairs Opening Ceremony Of Pattaya Ferry

Minister of transportation chaired the opening ceremony of Pattaya-HuaHin catamaran ferry.


Update Of British Businessman Murder Case

Wife of British businessman who was murdered met Pattaya police after Cambodian police arrested suspect.


Russian Tourist Killed By Motorcyclist

Motorcyclist rode at high speed and killed a Russian guy.


Burglar Appears In Pattaya Market

Burglar stole food from other motorcycle in Pattaya market.


One Executed, One Jailed In Murder Case Of Australian Businessman

Pattaya court sentenced to execute one suspect and jail another one on charge of murdering businessman.


Pregnant Molested By Psycho In Pattaya Department Store

Pregnant woman was molested in toilet of department store. The suspect can flee away.


Russian Couple Stole iPhone In Waterpark

Oman national was taken his iPhone 6 after he helped a Russian couple in Pattaya waterpark.


Man Busted After Attacking Korean

Suspect who attacked Korean who requested him to down music volume was caught by Pattaya police.


Electric Cigarette Vendor Raided

Electric cigarette vendor was raided during selling in Pattaya Arst Festival 2017. However, he could escape from the officers.


Chinese National Has iPhone Snatched On Pattaya Street

Chinese tourist was robbed while walking on Pattaya street.


Chinese Tourist Has Gold Snatched

Chinese couple was robbed as going back to hotel.


Naked Russian Rampages In Pattaya Market

Russian national was drunk and damaged property in Pattaya market. Plus, he was naked during rampaging.


Korean National Assaulted By Pattaya Teenage Gang

Korean was attacked injured by a group of teenagers after he told them to down music volume.


Counterfeit Goods Vendors Raided In Pattaya

Pattaya officials raided vendors selling counterfeit goods.