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Thai-Indian Attacked In Walking Street By Guards

Man was attacked by pub guards as hanging out in Walking Street. He was blamed as spy.


Official Inspected Contamination In Food

Pattaya official inspected market to inspect contamination in food. The officers found dangerous substance in food.


Official Kick-Off Renovation To Bali Hai Pier, People Confused

People are confused route and parking zone in Bali Hai pier after project to renovate Bali Hai pier is effective today.


Waterfront To Continue

“Waterfront” will operate further after being cancelled construction by Pattaya official. Operator will start modification to skyscraper soon.


Expat Harmed By Van Driver

Foreign passenger was extorted and attacked by van driver.


Hells Angels Pattaya Fought Each Other

Thai members of “Hells Angels Pattaya” internally fought with Australian members after Australian ones are troublemakers.


Again Police Crack Down Electric Cigarette

Police raided vendors selling electric cigarette in Thepprasit night market.


Pattaya Guard Assaulted Injured

Security guard was attacked injured by his ex-colleague.


Russian Robbed In Pattaya

Russian national was robbed on Pattaya road. He lost 25,000 baht and a smartphone.


Uganda Nationals Busted For Trafficking

Uganda nationals were caught by Pattaya police after tricking victims to prostitute in Pattaya.


Two Caught With Drugs In Pattaya Apartment

Two were caught for holding drug party.


Pattaya Uber Driver Caught Red Handed

Pattaya officers caught 2 Uber drivers in Pattaya.


Thai Couple Busted For Robbery

Couple was caught by Pattaya police after they had burgled several houses in Chonburi.


Expat Got Gold Snatched On Pattaya Road

Chinese national was snatched gold necklace by motorcyclist as walking on Pattaya road.


Lift Accidentally Falls Down Caused Injured

Group of administrative officers faced lift falling accidentally in Pattaya hotel.


Thai Busted For Burglary

Pattaya police caught Thai woman after she burgled foreigner in apartment.


Viagra Dealer Caught Red Handed

Pattaya police caught drug dealer after she has sold pirated drug in Pattaya.


Girl Jumps From 3rd Floor Severe Injured

Girl argued with boyfriend and jumped down from apartment. She is still in coma.


Street Walkers Raided

Pattaya police cracked down street walkers around city.


Gold Snatcher Busted

Gold snatcher was caught in Pattaya after robbed British tourist.