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Pattaya Daily News


Pattaya News


Yet Again Foreigner Has Bag Snatched In Pattaya

A Korean national was pick pocketed while walking on Pattaya road.


Parents Fought In Songkran

Parent argued and fought after his ill son was splashed water on Songkran day.


Angry Driver Screamed Pattaya Police

Angry female driver screamed at policeman who asked her for alcohol test. However, she passed the test.


Traffic Law Intensified During Songkran

Officers installed checkpoints to intensify traffic law during Songkran Fest.


Yet Again Big Hole Appears On Pattaya Road

A big hole appears on Pattaya road. Villagers are afraid of accident.


Chinese Has Gold Snatched

Chinese tourist was snatched necklace by Thai motorcyclist.


Golr Ring Burglar Busted

Burglar was caught after he stole gold ring from gold shop in Central Pattaya.


Pattaya Unsolvable Flood

Pattaya has been flooded again after storm.


Pattaya Bar Cracked Down

A bar was clamped down by Pattaya police after the operator let teenagers in.


Torn Wire Makes Motorcyclist Injured

Female motorcyclist was injured by torn wire hanging on road.


Gold Robbed In Heart Of Pattaya

Suspect robbed gold ring in a gold shop in heart of Pattaya city.


Drug Dealers Caught On Pattaya Beach

Pattaya police patrolled beach road and caught drug dealers.


Cars Scratched In Pattaya Apartment

Cars in Pattaya apartment were damaged by a man. The reason of act is still unknown.


Man Caught For Raping

Thai man was attacked and caught after he tried to rape a girl.


Waterfront Tells Lie To Buyer

Waterfront informed its buyers they are approved to continue construction, though they weren’t yet approved by Pattaya city.


ABC Reports “Hells Angels Pattaya”

ABC follows Hells Angels Pattaya after several issues were reported.


Torn Wire Hangs Down On Pattaya Road

Tourist bus damaged overhead wire torn. Official didn’t yet fix it.


Expat Falls To Death In Pattaya Department Store

Man from Hong Kong fell to death at department store on Pattaya Beach road.


Man Caught For Snatching

Thai man was arrested for snatching wallet from Norwegian tourist.


Pet Shop Burgled In Pattaya

Owner of pet shop told her story to journalists after no progress in case of robbery in the shop.