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French National Jumped To His Death In Pattaya Department Store

French man jumped down from 6th floor dead in Pattaya department store. The reason of suicide is unknown.


Kuwait National Caught After Using Other Credit Card

Kuwait national was caught after he picked a credit card and used it to buy several items.


Foreign Man Drowned Dead In Pattaya Sea

German national was found drown dead in Pattaya sea. It’s expected that the cause of death is heart attack.


Mobile Phone Shop Robbed

Couple stole several items from mobile phone shop. It’s estimated that the damage cost is around 370,000 baht.


Faked Policemen Extorted Thai Man

A man was tricked by fake policemen who extorted him on Pattaya road.


Pattaya To Intensely Solve Operator Trespassed Public Area

General disclosed issue of public area trespassing in Walking Street. The official would intensely and effectively solve the problem but not to affect...


Congress Disagreed Pattaya-Huahin Ferry

Pattaya congressman disagreed Pattaya-Huahin ferry in case of overloaded dock.


Official To Improve Safety For Extreme Activity

Ministry of Tourism and Sport held seminar to improve safety system for extreme activity.


Boat Trailer Banned In Pattaya

Officials discussed about Bali Hai issue. They released strict rule to not allow operator use trailer to drag boat on local road.


Official To Open Pattaya-Huahin Ferry Soon

Marine Dept disclosed progress of Pattaya-Huahin ferry. There will be ferry trial in December.


Cambodians Caught For Playing Card

Nine beggars were caught in Pattaya apartment while they were playing card. Plus, they were Cambodian nationals who illegally immigrated.


Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show to showcase Thailand’s marine industry to the world

Following recent improvements to the rules for international yachts visiting Pattaya, and the Pattaya-Hua Hin ferry service set to be launched in earl...


Pattaya Prisoners Attack Officer And Escape

Prisoners attacked a policeman and tried to escape from Pattaya court. However, they all were caught later.


Car Ran Out Of Control Into Canal

A car ran out of control falling into small canal in Sattahip. It’s expected that the cause of accident is slippery road.


Foreigner Almost Commits Suicide In Pattaya Department Store

Viral footage of foreign man who tried to commit suicide by jumping from department store was posted and shared on social media.


Pattaya To Strictly Manipulate Beach Massager

Officials discussed to manage and control beach massager due to complaint and problem.


Troublemaker Hit Down In Pattaya Bar

British national was hit injured by bar owner after he made problem.


Officials Discuss Dusit Thani Pattaya About Viewpoint Issue

Pattaya officials discussed with Dust Thani Pattaya representatives about viewpoint problem.


Pattaya Casino Cracked Down

Pattaya officers clamped down illegal casino opening in a hotel. Plus, high rank navy officer got involved this casino.


Russian National Caught In Pattaya According To Interpol Warrant

Russian man was caught by immigration police after hiding in Pattaya for 3 years. Plus, he was filed a charge of counterfeiting passport.