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Yet Again Driver Hits And Runs

A luxury car ran out of control and harshly crashed a lorry. Plus, the driver fled away after crashing.


Pattaya Official Explicates Beach Replenishment Project

Pattaya official held conference to instruct operators and concern sectors about replenishment of Pattaya beach.


Homeless Man Found Dead In Pattaya

A homeless was found dead in Central Pattaya. The cause of death is still unknown.


V Shape Clinic Refunds Victim

V Shape clinic granted to refund a victim who suffered surgery mistake on her mouth.


Big Mouth Caught For Drunk Driving

Two persons were caught in checkpoint for drunk driving.


Bali Hai Pier Cleared

Pattaya operators moved their boats out Bali Hai pier after strict rule was effective.


National Saving Day In Pattaya

Pattaya people queued a long line to make deposit on the occasion of National Saving Day.


Girl Has Surgery Mistake From Pattaya Clinic

A girl got surgery mistake from a famous clinic in Pattaya. Plus, surgical doctor rejected to refund her.


Unstoppable Eater

A foreign man was lonely eating Korean barbecue outdoor in rain. He only said the food was very good.


Poor Biker Ran Out Of Control

A biker ran out of control while trying to get through flood. Fortunately, he was not injured.


Pattaya People Make Merit For Late King

Pattaya people assembled at Pattaya City Hall to make merit for H M King Bhumibol.


Pattaya Vows To Bring Back Bali Hai Pier

Pattaya officials together discussed about solution for Bali Hai pier and readiness for upcoming event of Pattaya.


Roadmap To Create Tidiness In Pattaya

Pattaya official would make order and tidiness for Pattaya Beach road by controlling transportation operator.


Yet Again Pattaya Flooded After Heavy Rain

Pattaya was hit by storm caused flood to main roads. Some vehicle were stuck on the road and some were damaged.


Pattaya Drug Dealers Caught Red Handed

Pattaya police made the statement after they had arrested drug dealers in local area.


Sexual Abusing Suspect Fails Summoning

Police sergeant suspected for sexual abusing postponed Pattaya police summoning.


Officials Track Relocating Of Pattaya Pier

Chonburi deputy governor with officers inspected Bali Hai pier to track progress of the project to relocate pier.


Pattaya Loan Shark Busted

Pattaya officials raided an office of loan shark gang.


Pattaya DJ Hit And Run

A viral video of hit and run accident spread on social media. It’s estimated that a driver might be famous DJ in Pattaya.


Pattaya People Attend Ceremony Of Chulalongkorn Day

Pattaya people together assembled at district office to attend ceremony of Chulalongkorn day.