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Pattaya Daily News


Pattaya News


Poor Drug Addict Fails Robbing 7-11

Drug addict failed to plunder 7-11 shop and was arrested.


Pattaya Police Use Drone To Arrest

Pattaya police welcomed cadet visit. They also showed improvement scheme of the station and demonstrated how to capture robbery with drone.


Thai Wedding Ceremony Of French Couple In Pattaya

French coupe hold Thai wedding ceremony in Thai Art And Culture village.


Drug Addict Couple Attacked Each Other

Couple fought each other in Pattaya apartment. The officers came to intervene them and found drug inside.


Well Played! Man Taking A Baht At Broken Water Pipe

Pattaya man posted video he took a baht at broken water pipe on Pattaya road.


Motorcycle Taxi Rider Saved Chinese Girl

Chinese girl tried to commit suicide by running into road. Luckily, motorcycle taxi rider saw sand saved her on time.


Pattaya Police On “Facebook Live” Of Ladyboy

Ladyboy lived via Facebook after she was requested to perform drug test by police.


Burglars Caught After 150 Robberies

Gays were caught after they had burgled 150 times in Pattaya.


Former Volunteer Police Caught For Robbery

Former volunteer police was caught after using expired volunteer police id card to inspect vehicle and stole things.


Construction Garbage Found In Pattaya

Pattaya official cleaned area after construction garbage deserted.


Drug Addicts Caught Red Handed In Pattaya Sea

Four speed boat drivers were caught after consuming drug in Pattaya sea.


Official Vows Central Pattaya Tunnel Completed On Target

Pattaya official claimed Central Pattaya tunnel will be finished on schedule.


Pattaya Police Vow “Uber” Illegal

Pattaya officers explained about “Uber” in Pattaya after female driver blamed as “Uber” and chased by Pattaya taxi drivers.


Attacker Caught After Assaulted Pattaya Policeman

Pattaya police caught a suspect who had attacked a policeman injured in Pattaya.


Restaurant Clamped Down For Operating Whorehouse

Pattaya restaurant was cracked down after official found they operated whorehouse.


Foreigner Cut Wrist To Death

American man ended up his life after suffering several congenital deceases for years.


Man Caught For Sexual Abusing

Man was caught after he had tried to rape girl.


Motorcycle Taxi Rider Attacked By Teenagers

Motorcycle taxi rider was attacked injured by group of teenagers in his own house.


Lots Of Used Condoms Found On Pratamnak Hill

A tunnel on Pratamnak hill has been secret place for gay couple and prostitute.


Molester Surrenders

Molester in Songkran Wanlai Pattaya surrendered Pattaya police after he can’t appear in public place.