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Tour Bus Ignites on Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya

A tour bus taking 20 Chinese tourists from Pattaya to Bangkok has caught alight in front of the temple at Nong Yai.


Local Police Target 5 Venues on New Years Eve

A combined police taskforce of 150 officers has been setup to target drugs and illegal activities over the New Year festival.


Police Show Results of Renewed Crackdown

Chon-Buri police from Region 2 (Pattaya) have recently presented the successful results of December’s crackdown on criminal activities to the media.


King Taksin Ceremony at Pattaya City Hall

“The Greatest King Taksin Ceremony" was held between 7:00am and Noon and was followed by a traditional Buddhist ceremony and Hindu Event.


Road Safety Project Launched For 2010

The Thai government has officially announced that 2010 will be the year for road saftey, in an attempt to lower the accident rate and death toll.


Opposition File Complaint Against Foreign MP

The Thai opposition party are planning to file complaints against the Thai Foreign Affairs Minister and the Deputy Secretary General over leaked docum...


Terrorist Attack on US Airliner Avoided

A Nigerian national has unsuccessfully attempted to detonate and explosive device on a Northwest Airlines flight bound for Detroit City.


Another Quake After Tsunami Anniversary

A strong earthquake has occurred on Boxing Day after ceremonies were held in remembrance of the dead from the Indian Ocean Tsunami 5 years ago. The ea...


Omani Arrested with Drugs After Severe Accident

An Omani national has been arrested in possession of a substantial quantity of drugs, following a motorbike accident in which he was involved.


Phone Snatcher Caught After Severe Accident

A Thai man has been apprehended by members of the public after a brief chase on motorbikes ended in an accident. The man had snatched the mobile phone...


Follow-up on Vicious Cleaver Double Murder

Chon-Buri Police have released a composite sketch of the suspect responsible for the vicious double murder of a mother and 2 year old daughter.


Pattaya Orphanage Host Big Xmas Party

Our Pattaya Orphanage held what was probably the biggest Christmas party in town, and was certainly where everyone had the most fun, especially the ki...


Christmas Dinner at Pattaya’s “Cafe Royale”

The Café Royale’s extravagant Christmas dinner was well received at the exclusively five star dining establishment.


Mercedes Recruit Schumacher in 7mil Deal

Former 7 time Formula 1 champion, Michael Schumacher will finally make his long awaited comeback to the sport in 2010. He will race with fellow compat...


German Sadist Kills Pet Dog in Drunken Rage

A drunken German man heartlessly killed a small puppy by throwing it over a wall in Naklua and apparently he has done this many times before. The Bang...


New Pattaya Business Assistance Center

The Foundation of a “Pattaya Centre For Sustainable & Excellent Business Management” (PCEBE) has been established to aid local businesses.