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Inebriated Man Climbed Crane To Commit Suicide

A Thai man who was blind climbed up onto a crane in construction site and tried to commit suicide after he can’t find his son and daughter in Pattaya....


Homeless Found Dead in Pattaya Restaurant

A foreigner was found dead in a garden of a restaurant. It’s expected that he suffered heart attack. Plus, he might be a homeless.


Pattaya Official On Illegal Billboard In Walking Street

Pattaya official alerts operators in Walking Street again after some operators still install billboard advertising over the road.


Monk Caught Red Handed For Dealing Drug

A drug dealing gang was caught by officers. In addition, two monks were arrested.


Update of Uzbek Man Hit By Pattaya Bus Driver

Pattaya minibus drivers met police and brought wallet of Uzbek man who was hit by unknown bus driver. However, this group of drivers insisted they did...


Lady Boy Burgles Bar in Pattaya

A Thai lady boy burgled a bar in Pattaya. He just spent a short moment to take money from a cash drawer.


Korean Man Tricked By Pattaya Street Walker

A Korean man was drugged in a hotel by a street walker. Plus, he was almost robbed his belongings.


Foreign Passenger Hit By Minibus Driver in Pattaya

A foreigner was attacked injured by minibus driver and some people after he didn’t agree the fare.


German Drank To Death

A German was oddly dead on the local street as he was riding a bike. It’s expected that he might drink a lot of beer before he was shocked.


Yet Again Canadian Attacked in Agogo Pub

Two Canadian girls were attacked in Agogo pub by the waiters.


Drunken Scottish Rampages In Pattaya Walking Street

A Scottish man was drunk and rampaged around in Walking Street. Plus, an officer was hit injured by him.


Thai Lady Boy Caught For Robbery

A lady boy was arrested after he drugged and robbed a German man. Plus, he failed the drug test.


Four Russian Injured After Car Crashed

A van was crashed by another car at a intersection in Pattaya. The incident caused 4 injured.


Pattaya Deputy Mayor On Tourism Industry In 2016

Deputy Mayor of Pattaya expects 2016 would be the great year.


Officials To Cope Taxi Problems

Officials held the discussion in order to cope the problem that the taxi drivers have exploited the passengers.


Worth A Try! 5,000 Million ฿ To Cope Flood

A specialist recommends Pattaya official to install drainage system to cope flood in Pattaya. However, it's expected that the budget is around 5,000 m...


Big Drug Dealing Gangs Caught

Three drug dealing gangs were arrested by police. Plus, those gangs had 76,000 amphetamines.


Pattaya TAT Holds Love Activity in Feb

TAT Pattaya branch holds activity for those love couple in the month of love. Plus, the official recommends the outstanding place of love couple.


Drug Addict Kidnaps Girl

A drug addict kidnapped a girl because he needs money to spend on drug. Plus, he pretended as the police officer.


Couple Taken Bags Containing 400,000 Baht in Pattaya Market

A couple was taken their bags which contained money and gold valued about 400,000 baht as they were selling fruit in a Pattaya market.