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Call Girls Arrested

A girl was arrested along with her friends for providing prostitution.


British Man Jumps To His Death

A British man has jumped from the 4th floor of an apartment.


Thai Girl Raped

A Thai girl was raped in a deserted house in Pattaya after she went in to use the toilet.


Man Sets Fire to Friends Room

An insane man has set fire to friend’s room because he owed him money.


Thai Fatal Stabbing

A Thai man was stabbed to death after having a problem with a girl’s boyfriend.


Zombies Attack Runners

Ribley’s museum and the Navy aviation division have together held a zombie running competition at U-Tapo airport.


3 Pluak Daeng Police Shot Dead

3 policemen have been shot dead when another policeman lost control and shooting everyone in sight.


Policeman Injured On Duty

A policeman was injured after he tried to arrest the drug dealer in Pattaya.


German Faints and Dies

A German man who fainted died in his room in front of his girlfriend.


Vietnamese Boats Caught Fishing Illegally

2 Vietnamese fishing boats have been stopped in Thai waters for fishing illegally.


Infant Found In Bin

The body of a new born infant has been found in a bin by a woman.


Mobile Service Points

The Superintendent of Pattaya city police station has set a mobile service point to assist tourists who have any problems during their stay.


Lady boy Attacks Tourist

A British man was hit and injured by a group of lady boys after he rejected their offer for sex.


Loan Gang Caught

Pattaya police have made a statement about the arrest of a gang of motorcycle thieves.


Thai Girl Jumps From 7th Floor

A Thai girl who jumped from the 7th floor of a condo in Pattaya is now recovering in hospital and is lucky to be alive.


Python Bites Owner

The owner of a large golden python has been bitten by it after putting his hand into its cage.


Drunk Girl Kills Man

A drunk driver has crashed into a motorcyclist killing him instantly in Pattaya.


5 Teenagers Released

Five Sattahip male and female teenagers aged between 14–16 had been held by police for 7 days for dealing and taking drugs have been released by polic...


Officials to Cope With Drought

PBTA (Pattaya Business and Tourism Association) have discussed with the waterworks of Pattaya about a ways to cope with the possible drought in 2016.


Thai Woman Tricked by Girl Gang

A Thai woman was drugged and fooled by 2 Thai girls who then took money from her account and stole her belongings.