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Serbian Commits Suicide

A Serbian man has been found dead at his home, the cause of his death is believed to be suicide.


Mysterious Man Attacks Girl

A Thai girl has been pushed off the 2nd floor of a building by a mysterious man while talking on the phone.


Drunk Australian Falls into Glass Door

A drunk Australian man slipped and fell into a glass door of Pattaya police station injuring himself.


Police Raid Pattaya Nightclubs

A detective police team have raided two night clubs in walking street after being informed that illegal workers were working there.


Escaping Drug Dealer Arrested

A policeman has arrested a drug dealer after he crashed into him while trying to escape.


Pattaya United Up For Sale

The board of Pattaya United has decided to put the club up for sale.


Crime Suppression Results

The Superintendent of Pattaya city police station has announced the results of the “7 dangerous days” of New Year 2016.


Rubbish Still Left After Count Down

Pattaya Beach was still covered in rubbish over 30 hours after the New Year celebrations had finished.


Chinese Skimmer Gang Arrested

A Chinese skimmer gang have been arrested by Thai police.


Motorcyclists Killed Instantly

A speeding motorcyclists collided with another motorcyclist killing him instantly.


Pattaya Pub Clamp Down

The police have raided a pub in Pattaya after a picture showing a couple having sex was posted on the internet.


Couple Have Intercourse in Toilet

A picture of a couple who looked like they were having sex in a public toilet in Pattaya has been posted on the internet.


Pattaya Celebrates 2016

Thousands of Thais and foreigners attended the Pattaya Countdown 2016 festival.


Swedish Man Jumps To His Death

A Swedish man committed suicide by jumping from his hotel room balcony.


Grocery Owner Robbed

A Pattaya grocery owner has been robbed by a Thai woman as he was helping another customer.


House Burgled

A Kazakhstan man’s house has been burgled while he was out having a massage.


Buddhism Association Summoned

Pattaya officials and Buddhism association together were summoned to clarify about the way they asked for money to support the merit making activity.


Police Confiscate Vehicles

The Police have confiscated the vehicles of drink drivers who have been caught until the 5th of January next year.


Chinese Caught With Firearm

A Chinese man has been arrested by Pattaya police after carrying a firearm in public.


Russian Dancers Arrested

Pattaya police have arrested 25 Russian dancers who were working without work permits.