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Update of Pattaya House Owner Attacked And Robbed

Pattaya police officers brought a victim who had been attacked and robbed in a house to Pattaya police station in order to sketch the identity of the ...


Pattaya House Owner Burgled and Taken Priceless

A Pattaya people has been burgled her house. The burglar took several priceless items.


Pattaya House Robbed In Daytime

An old woman has been robbed as he was in her house alone. Plus, the incident took place in daytime.


KunLun Fight in Pattaya

KunLun fight was exhibited at Eastern National Sports Training Centre in Pattaya. Plus, Buakaw Banchamek also attended the acitivity.


Pattaya Journalist Fight

A journalists fought to each other after they had a problem on social media.


Pattaya Bar Raided For Football Broadcasting

A group of men claimed they are football broadcasting authorised agents to raid Pattaya bar operator.


Faked Russian Zombies Rampaged Restaurant

Three Russians pretended as zombies rampaging in a restaurant. It’s expected that they might be the criminal who needed to make the chaos.


Policeman Shot Injured By Snatcher

A Thai man was arrested after he had snatched gold necklace. However, he shot a policeman injured.


Pattaya Officials On Walking Street Crackdown

Pattaya police and soldier performed crackdown on five entertainment venues in Walking Street. In addition, around 30 foreign night owls were detained...


Max Muay Thai Still Goes On

Max Muay Thai owner insists that they would be able to operate although the stadium has been destroyed by fire.


Lady Boy Caught After Delivering Drug To Prisoner

A Thai lady boy was caught red handed as he was trying to give the drug to a prisoner at Pattaya police station.


Foreigner Tricks Pattaya Money Exchange Shop

A worker of a money exchange shop in Pattaya has been tricked by foreigner. Plus, the shop lost 2,500 Euro for this trick.


Thai Girl Rampages in Pattaya

A crazy girl who was very stressed rampaged in Soi Buakaw after she separated her foreigner boyfriend.


Thai Girl Has Bag Snatched

Two Thai teenagers were caught by Pattaya police after they just snatched hand bag of a girl on local road.


Inebriated Man Climbed Crane To Commit Suicide

A Thai man who was blind climbed up onto a crane in construction site and tried to commit suicide after he can’t find his son and daughter in Pattaya....


Homeless Found Dead in Pattaya Restaurant

A foreigner was found dead in a garden of a restaurant. It’s expected that he suffered heart attack. Plus, he might be a homeless.


Pattaya Official On Illegal Billboard In Walking Street

Pattaya official alerts operators in Walking Street again after some operators still install billboard advertising over the road.


Monk Caught Red Handed For Dealing Drug

A drug dealing gang was caught by officers. In addition, two monks were arrested.


Update of Uzbek Man Hit By Pattaya Bus Driver

Pattaya minibus drivers met police and brought wallet of Uzbek man who was hit by unknown bus driver. However, this group of drivers insisted they did...


Lady Boy Burgles Bar in Pattaya

A Thai lady boy burgled a bar in Pattaya. He just spent a short moment to take money from a cash drawer.