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Update of Pattaya Businessman Shot Injured

The police officers revealed the update of a case that businessman was shot injured. Plus, the police focus on girl problem.


Thief Breaks Car Window To Steal

An insurance broker has been stolen her things in her car by a burglar who broke the car window.


Thai Man Shot Severe Injured In Pattaya Condo

A Thai businessman was shot injured in his own room in Pattaya condo by two gunners. It’s expected that the cause might be business issue, girl proble...


Bikers Caught For Having Drug party

A biker gang was arrested by police officers after they had a drug party in a hotel in Bangsaen.


Update of Pattaya House Owner Plundered

The police officers made the statement after they arrested on of the thieves who plundered and attacked the house owner.


Ship Sank At Laemchabang Port

A tourist ship has sunk at Laemchabang port after it had anchored for a year.


Pattaya Bar Raided By Pattaya Police

A bar owner has been inspected by Pattaya police after he opened too loud music. In addition, there was gambling there in the bar.


Color of the East 2016

Pattaya deputy mayor chaired the opening ceremony of “Color of the East 2016” at Central Festival Pattaya Beach. There are many hi-end OTOP booths and...


Thai Men Caught At Police Checkpoint With Drugs

Two Thai men were arrested on charge of drug. Plus, one jumped a police checkpoint before he was arrested.


Pattaya U-Turn Still On Process

Pattaya deputy mayor talks about pending U-turn point construction after someone complained about it again.


Thai Burglar Caught Red Handed

A Thai man was caught by Pattaya police after he had burgled a man who was staying in a Pattaya hotel.


EOD Faces Fake Bomb

An object looked like bomb was found in Sattahip district. Luckily, it was identified as part of steering wheel.


Update of Pattaya House Owner Attacked And Robbed

Pattaya police officers brought a victim who had been attacked and robbed in a house to Pattaya police station in order to sketch the identity of the ...


Pattaya House Owner Burgled and Taken Priceless

A Pattaya people has been burgled her house. The burglar took several priceless items.


Pattaya House Robbed In Daytime

An old woman has been robbed as he was in her house alone. Plus, the incident took place in daytime.


KunLun Fight in Pattaya

KunLun fight was exhibited at Eastern National Sports Training Centre in Pattaya. Plus, Buakaw Banchamek also attended the acitivity.


Pattaya Journalist Fight

A journalists fought to each other after they had a problem on social media.


Pattaya Bar Raided For Football Broadcasting

A group of men claimed they are football broadcasting authorised agents to raid Pattaya bar operator.


Faked Russian Zombies Rampaged Restaurant

Three Russians pretended as zombies rampaging in a restaurant. It’s expected that they might be the criminal who needed to make the chaos.


Policeman Shot Injured By Snatcher

A Thai man was arrested after he had snatched gold necklace. However, he shot a policeman injured.