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Pattaya Daily News


Pattaya News


Unstandardised Billboard In Walking Street Seized By Official

Pattaya official went to Pattaya Walking Street in order to confiscate unstandardised billboard.


Finnish Man Jumped To Death

A Finnish man committed suicide by jumping down from his condo room on 10th floor. It’s expected that he might be stressed about his congenital deceas...


Foreign Man Slashed Injured By Thai Motorcyclist

A foreigner was attacked injured by a Thai motorcyclist after they rode and crashed each other.


Indian Businessman Stolen In Pattaya Hotel

An Indian businessman has been stolen his belongings as he was sleeping with his wife in a hotel room.


Pattaya Sea Pollution

Pattaya sea has been contaminated by drained waste water from Sukhawadee house.


Official Cracks Down On Hookah In Pattaya Venues

Pattaya officers cracked down 3 venus in Pattaya after the official has been complained by local people.


Faked Bomb Found In Pattaya

A faked bomb was found in a pop-up food shop. The troublemaker is still unknown.


Pattaya Bar Girl Hits Canadian

A foreigner was attacked injured by a bar girl. Meanwhile, a suspect claimed he didn’t pay the bill.


Russian Fights Pattaya Thief

A thief tried to snatch a handbag from a Russian but she fought back until the thief go away.


Pattaya Official Raids Koh Lan

Pattaya officers went to Koh Lan island for crackdown. The officers focus to raid on alien labor.


Official To Intensify On Overstaying Expats

The official is legislating a new law to intensify on foreigner immigration. The law would be enforced on March, 20.


Girl Abused By Stepfather

Paweena foundation urges Pattaya police to prosecute stepfather who brutally abused his stepdaughter.


Broken Heart Man Tries To Commit Suicide On Overpass

A thai man tried to commit suicide on overpass. Luckily, the officers got him on time.


Chinese Suspect Reenacts In Pattaya

Pattaya police officers brought Chinese man who had plundered gun shop in Bangkok to reenact in Pattaya scene.


Foreigner Committed Suicide In Pattaya Hotel

A foreign man committed suicide in a Pattaya hotel room. The cause is still unknown.


Nigerian Caught Red Handed For Dealing Drug

A foreigner was caught by Pattaya police after the officers found out that he has dealt drug for a while.


Update Of Ladyboy Gang Attacks Foreigners

Ladyboys who tried to attack two foreigners on beach road met the police officer. They claimed that they had firstly been insulted before.


Pattaya Official To Prosecute Thai Actor For Disgracing

Pattaya official aims to prosecute a Thai actor after he and his team made ashamed video at Pattaya memorial.


Foreigners Attacked By Ladyboy Gang On Pattaya Beach

Two foreigners were attacked by a group of ladyboys on Pattaya beach road.


Seaweed Covers Bali Hai Reefs

The reefs near Bali Hai pier has been covered by a lot of seaweeds creating a spectacular view.