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Suspect Re-Enacts Murder

A man has been arrested and re-enacted the murder and rape of a woman in her luxury home.


Motorbike Theft Prevention Campaign

Pattaya police together with a group of over 50 motorbikes have joined forces to promote a motorbike theft prevention campaign.


TAT Seminar

The TAT has held a seminar about online marketing and its target groups.


Stepfather Rapist Arrested

A stepfather has been arrested after he was accused of raping his step daughter.


Man Smashes Toilet

A man who was unhappy with the service a Home Pro Pattaya took a faulty toilet back and smashed it outside the store to show his dissatisfaction.


Tourists Flock To The Beaches

A lot of foreign tourists have flocked to the beaches in Pattaya and Jomtien even though it was a lot colder than usual.


Boats Warned Not To Set Sail

The marine department of Pattaya have warned small boats not to set sail because of a storm which caused very rough sea conditions.


Update of Stepfather Rapes Daughter

The Superintendent of Pattaya police station has revealed the latest update of a case where a girl was raped by her stepfather.


Monk Captured by Stranger

A monk was captured by a stranger in a Pattaya temple, luckily he set free unharmed.


Luxury Apartment Fire

A luxury apartment in Pattaya was engulfed in flames which caused the staff and guests to run for safety. Fortunately nobody was injured or killed.


Workers Fall From Crane

Three construction workers who were working on a crane fell after the seat they were sat on broke.


Germans Facebook Hacked

A German man has contacted the police after his Facebook was hacked and the Thai royal family had been dishonoured. He has put up a reward for the c...


Indians Stab Each Other

A group of Indians had argued with each other before a fight broke out and one ended up being stabbed.


Stabbing Update

The police have released more information after a woman was stabbed to death.


Babysitter Caught For Killing Child

A babysitter was arrested for murdering a child who misbehaved.


Russians Jump Checkpoint

Two Russian tourists who were riding a big bike at high speed rode through a police checkpoint and collided with a police officer.


THA Discusses Tourism

The Thai Hotel Association has revealed the state of tourism in Thailand.


Man Assaulted By Teenagers

A man was assaulted by a group of teenagers after he shouted at one of them to pay for his food that he had bought from his girlfriend’s food shop.


Shop Owner Defamed

A drug shop owner has notified the police after he had been defamed on the internet.


Officials Crack Down on Capitalists

The Chonburi governor and officers have cracked down a group of capitalists who had taken over a piece of public land and extorted the villagers.