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Police And Soldier Clamped Down Crime

Pattaya police and soldier made the statement about crime crackdown.


Middle East Couple Caught For Robbing

A middle east couple was caught by Pattaya police after they had tricked several foreign victims.


Pattaya Skyscraper Suspended

Waterfront Suit And Residence project still has several pending issues. Plus, Pattaya congress members would expire soon.


Pattaya Thief Caught By Chinese Tourist

A Chinese man had been snatched his bag before he chased and caught the thief.


Pattaya Officials Reallocate Block For Beach Operator

Officials discussed on management of beach operator at Pattaya City Hall. New rule is effective on June 13, 2016.


Pattaya To Cancel Wat Chaimongkol Market Due To Untidiness

Pattaya official aims to relocate market in front of Wat Chaimongkol temple to Bali Hai after street vendors caused untidiness on the road.


Old Depressed Man Hung Himself To Death

An old man committed suicide by hanging himself. He suffered depression in elderly and he was also alcoholism.


Pattaya Massage Parlours Clamped Down By Officials

Officials raided 5 massage parlours in Pattaya in order to clamp down prostitution of children.


Italian Drugged And Robbed In Pattaya

An Italian investor had been drugged and robbed before he was left on Pattaya beach. In addition, he had been also cheated by his partners.


Norwegian Man Self-Harmed

A Norwegian man cut himself injured after he had been broken heart by his ex.


Man Cut-Off Genital By Wife

A Thai man was cut-off his genital by his wife because he had mistress. Meanwhile, a foreign man was attacked injured by his ex-girlfriend.


Man Tied Himself To Death

A Thai man commit suicide by tying his neck with nylon rope.


Man Murdered In Pattaya Apartment

A man was murdered by ex-boyfriend of his girlfriend.


Officials Discuss On “Pattaya Model”

Pattaya officials discussed on “Pattaya Model” at Pattaya City Hall. The project has been effective for a while; however, its result is not quite good...


Grenade Found Under Pattaya Bridge

A fisherman found a grenade under Pattaya bridge while fishing. It’s expected that it belongs to some teenager.


Pattaya Biker Caught Red Handed For Drug Dealing

A biker was caught because he dealt drug. Plus, he was just released from the prison.


Drug Agents Caught Red Handed In Pattaya

Pattaya officials caught drug dealers in Pattaya.


Drug Party Raided By Pattaya Official

Officials cracked down drug party in Pattaya. Plus, a couple, HIV patients, were caught for consuming drug.


Pattaya Official Vows To Continue Flyover For Disability Person

Pattaya official insists to continue construction of flyover for disability person although they are sued by some operators who are affected from the ...


British Law Inspected By Pattaya Official

A foreign law firm was inspected by Pattaya official after they claimed that they could conduct case for foreigner.