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Luxury Wooden House Destroyed By Fire

A luxury Thai style house was entirely destroyed by blaze. It’s expected that the cause of fire is short circuit.


Minibus Chauffeur Assaulted By Indian Tourists

A minibus driver was attacked injured by Indian passengers who didn’t pay his fare.


Automated Car Park In Bali Hai Pier Closed

MP Meg, operator ran automated car park in Bali Hai pier, failed to operate. Plus, Pattaya official canceled its concession to run the automated car p...


Tons Of Durian Sold In Pattaya

A Pattaya vendor sells durian tons a day.


Man Caught For Holding Huge Boa

A Thai man was caught by Pattaya tourist police after he had scared a foreigner by putting a big boa on her.


Drug Dealers Caught Red Handed

Three drug dealers were caught by Sattahip officers.


Thai Teenagers Caught For Assaulting

Police officer brought two Thai teenagers to reenact at the crime scene where they attacked a security guard.


Burglar Stole Bags From Victims In Pattaya Temple

Two women were stolen their handbags contained about 70,000 baht in a Pattaya temple.


Summer Storm Hits Pattaya

Thunder storm opened up on Pattaya. Plus, scaffold collapsed and did the damage to a building after summer storm hit Pattaya.


Indian Has Gold Snatched On Beach

An Indian man was stolen gold necklace by streetwalkers.


Korean Man Falls To Death In Pattaya Apartment

A Korean man fell to his death in Pattaya apartment. The reason of suicide is still unknown.


Chinese Robbed On Pattaya Minibus

A Chinese tourist was robbed his belongings as he was on minibus.


Pattaya Gangsters Assault Thai Man

A Thai man was handcuffed and attacked by Pattaya gangsters.


Bars Cracked Down By Pattaya Official

Pattaya Officials Clamped Down Bars For Wrongdoings.


Motorcyclist Killed In Crash

A German motorcyclist ran out of control and collided car on Pattaya road. He was dead instantly.


Foreign Man Dies In Fall

A foreigner fell down dead from a Pattaya condo. It’s still unknown that cause of death was either suicide or accident.


Speedboats Crash Each Other In Pattaya Sea

Two boats carrying Chinese tourists clashed each other in Pattaya sea. The incident caused 8 injured persons.


1 Dead, 1 Hurt In Pattaya Sea Accident

A Chinese JetSki Rider collided a speedboat in Pattaya sea. The incident recently leads to one dead and one injured.


Snatcher Caught Red Handed By British

A British man caught a Thai ladyboy who had stolen his money on Pattaya minibus.


Pregnant Girl Fell From Third Floor

A pregnant woman accidentally fell down from an apartment while she was collecting her clothes on balcony.