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Pattaya Daily News


Pattaya News


Thai Man Shot Dead Instantly

A man was shot dead after he had argued and fought with another man.


Indian Man Has Gold Snatched In Pattaya

An Indian man was snatched gold necklace by two ladyboys.


Robbery And Drug Dealers Caught In Pattaya

Pattaya police made the statement after they caught a couple on charge of battery and 2 drug dealers.


Pattaya Baht Bus Driver Handed In Bag To Chinese Tourist

Pattaya baht bus driver handed in dropped bag of foreigner to its owner.


Pattaya Discussed To Cope Flood

Pattaya officials discussed about flood countermeasure at Pattaya City Hall.


Indians Caught For Overstaying

A group of 17 Indian people were caught by immigration police on charge of overstaying.


Cambodians Suspect For Abusing Animal

Two Cambodians suspect for killing dog for cooking.


Thai Man Tried To Rape His Friend Wife

A woman was almost raped by man who drank alcohol with her husband. Plus, she was attacked injured and her belongings were taken.


Pattaya Best Destination

TAT announced “2016 People’s Choice Awards Thailand Voted by Chinese Tourists”. Pattaya won to be top 10 best destination.


Pattaya Taxi Driver Fooled By Sbobet Gang

A man was tricked by gang after he had played football bet via Facebook game.


Thai Woman Wanted For B30M Pyramid Scheme

A Thai woman suspects for a key figure of pyramid schemes. Plus, a lot of people had fallen victim to the scheme and lost about 30 million baht.


Bill Gates Wakes Pattaya

Pattaya official confirms that they would fix tangled electrical wire in Central Pattaya after Bill Gates posted picture of messy wire on his Facebook...


Gold Selling Price Goes Up After Britain Left EU

Gold selling price goes up after England left EU. As a result, Pattaya people decide to sell their gold.


Jealous Girlfriend Stabbed Boyfriend In Walking Street

A German man was stabbed injured by Thai girlfriend in Walking Street after she had found him another girl.


Drug-Weapon Cracked Down

Pattaya police made a statement after they had arrested some drug dealers and an weapon holder.


Good Man Found Cash And Handed Pattaya Police

A man picked some cash from ATM to hand in police officer.


Bang Lamung Chief Vows Innocent

BangLamung chief who was blamed for attacking motorcycle technicians insisted that he is innocent.


Arab Street Fighters Caught

Three Syrians were caught and prosecuted after they had fought Thais in Pattaya.


Fake Police Caught For Extortion

Pattaya police caught a gang who pretended as police officers to extort and rape victim. Plus, some policemen got involved the case.


Motorcycle Technicians Attacked By Fake Officers

A group of motorcycle technicians was threatened and attacked by BangLamung officers.