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Lone Thief Robbed 8.8 M Baht From SCB

A Thai thief lonely robbed money from SCB while the employees were carrying the money to keep in central office in Central Pattaya. He took 8.8 milli...


Officials Inspect Pattaya Condo

Military man together with Pattaya police inspected a condo after they had been notified about wrongdoings.


Ukrainian Has Phone Snatched On Pattaya Beach

A Ukrainian pub manager was stolen his Samsung mobile phone by Thai Hip-Hop boy as he was drinking with his girlfriend on Pattaya beach.


Thai Guide Fooled By Girl

A Thai guide was tricked and robbed money by a Facebook girl. The incident took place in a Pattaya hotel.


Kyrgyz Man Caught For Robbery

Kyrgyz man was caught by Pattaya police after he had stolen a motorcycle from a condo.


Man Hung Himself To Death

Navy officer decided to commit suicide after he had shouldered illegal loan debt.


Pattaya Luxury House Robbed

A luxury house of a foreigner was robbed. It’s expected that the thief might be a housemaid.


Russians Attacked Injured In Pattaya Parking Lot

A Russian family was attacked injured in a parking lot of a hotel. Fortunately, they were slightly injured.


Illegal Distilleries In BangLamung Cracked Down

Administrative and excise officers together crack down on local distilleries in BangLamung district.


Official Cracks Down On Illegal Casino

An illegal casino located in the middle of paddy was cracked down by Pattaya officials.


Robbers Try To Break Bank Truck

A group of thief tried to rob money from Kasikorn bank’s truck. They failed to break the truck.


Merit From Sin

A Cambodian vendor who sells animals for making merit showed a huge turtle upside down. It’s been criticised amongst social media before local people ...


Teenagers Caught After Plundering Family Marts

Police officers brought a suspect who plundered minimarts in Pattaya to reenact at the crime scene. In addition, he is just teenager.


Official To Repatriate Alien

Pattaya immigration bureau held seminar about alien repatriation.


Pattaya Official On Entertainment Venue Crackdown

Pattaya official cracks down 6 entertainment venus in Pattaya after they broke the official’s strict rule.


Thai Man Forces Stepdaughter To Do Oral Sex In Car

A Thai man was arrested after he forced his stepdaughter to do oral sex in a car on the road.


Two Family Marts Robbed By Two Robbers

Two robbers plundered two Family Marts on the same day. The police officers are investigating and hunting them.


British Man Has Gold Snatched

A British man was snatched his gold necklace valued about 50,000 baht as he was on Pattaya street.


Update Of Lone Thief Robbed Cash Delivery Employees

Police general went to inspect the crime scene where a lone thief plundered security van carrying 5 million baht.


Nigerian Robbery Gang Caught

Police officers made the statement after they had arrested Nigerian gang robbing guests in hotels.