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Wanlai Of Pattaya Kicks-Off

Thousands of people came to Pattaya to join Wanlai of Pattaya. However, there were still some troublemaker.


Sattahip Police Crack Down Traffic Law Transgressor

Sattahip police installed checkpoint to clamp down traffic law transgressors especially drunk driver.


TAF Helps Unlucky Norwegian

TAF and chief of Pattaya police helped Norwegian who dropped money while walking on Pattaya beach.


Farang Caught After Performing Oral Sex On Bar Girl

A foreigner was caught by Pattaya police after he had given oral sex on a bar girl.


Officials Inspected Luxury Club

Pattaya officials cracked down an entertainment venue because they have no permission.


Farang Gives Oral Sex For Bar Girl

A viral video of a foreign man gave oral sex for a bar girl on Songkran day is widespread on social media.


Pattaya Officials Crack Down Hookah Sellers


Female Motorcyclist Collides Pattaya Overpass Barrier

A female motorcyclist ran out of control and collided overpass bridge barrier. It’s expected that she might be drunk.


Joyful Splashing Of Pattaya Songkran

Songkran Fest in Pattaya is very joyful on the 3rd day.


Old Man Found Dead In Cassava Field

An old man was dead after he had drunk alcohol during the hot weather.


Pattaya Warehouse On Fire

A warehouse storing energy booster in Pattaya was on fire. It’s expected that the cause of fire is electrical short circuit.


Pattaya Songkran Kicked-Off

Pattaya people opened Songkran fest even though it is not yet Pattaya’s Wanlai.


Thai Man Set Own House On Fire

A Thai man burned his own house because his mother didn’t give him some money.


Thai Lady Fell Down From Pattaya Hotel Dead

Thai lady fell down from luxury hotel dead. Pattaya police are not so sure it’s either murder or suicide case.


Russians Caught For Counterfeiting Official Document

Two Russian men were caught by police after they had counterfeited Russian official document.


French Driver Collides Pattaya Motorcycle Showroom

A French driver ran out of control and crashed motorcycle showroom caused about 10 motorcycles damaged.


Man Drinks Liquid Detergent For Suicide

A Thai man tried to commit suicide by drinking liquid detergent after he had argued with his girlfriend.


Cambodian Jumped Down From 6th Floor Injured

A Cambodian man jumped down from 6th floor injured. The cause isn’t yet disclosed.


Officials Together Discuss Pattaya Problems

City Planning Department discussed with The National legislative Assembly and concerned sections about Pattaya problems.


Indian Tourist Tricked And Snatched Gold By Ladyboys

An Indian man was snatched his gold necklace by ladyboy who befriended him.