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Officials Discuss On “Pattaya Model”

Pattaya officials discussed on “Pattaya Model” at Pattaya City Hall. The project has been effective for a while; however, its result is not quite good...


Grenade Found Under Pattaya Bridge

A fisherman found a grenade under Pattaya bridge while fishing. It’s expected that it belongs to some teenager.


Pattaya Biker Caught Red Handed For Drug Dealing

A biker was caught because he dealt drug. Plus, he was just released from the prison.


Drug Agents Caught Red Handed In Pattaya

Pattaya officials caught drug dealers in Pattaya.


Drug Party Raided By Pattaya Official

Officials cracked down drug party in Pattaya. Plus, a couple, HIV patients, were caught for consuming drug.


Pattaya Official Vows To Continue Flyover For Disability Person

Pattaya official insists to continue construction of flyover for disability person although they are sued by some operators who are affected from the ...


British Law Inspected By Pattaya Official

A foreign law firm was inspected by Pattaya official after they claimed that they could conduct case for foreigner.


Chinese Tourist Has Gold Snatched In Pattaya

A Chinese tourist was snatched gold necklace as walking across the street.


Finn Man Attacks Poodle

A Thai woman notified Pattaya police after her dog had been attacked by a Finn man.


Pattaya Amulet Shop Robbed

An amulet shop was robbed by a thief who might be ordered by another amulet collector.


Labor’s Son Robbed Motorbike

A labor man went to check CCTV footage at Bang Saray information centre after his son had been robbed a motorbike.


Thai Girl Caught For Robbing Food Stalls

A girl was caught after she had robbed several owners of street food stalls.


Pattaya Official Certifies Good Restaurant

Pattaya official held certificate ceremony for restaurant who are certified “Clean Food Good Taste” in Harbor Pattaya.


Foreigner Jumped To Death After Stabbed Thai Girl

A Norwegian man had stabbed Thai girl before he committed suicide by jumping from 10th floor. The cause is still unknown.


Five Men Intruded Laundry Shop For Extortion

A laundry shop owner met Pattaya journalist after a group of Thai men had intruded her shop.


Pattaya Mayor On Jomtien Road

Pattaya official holds a conference in order to discuss expropriation problem of 2nd Jomtien road construction.


Teenage Gang Caught For Motorcycle Robbery

Police officers made the statement after they had arrested teenage gang robbed motorcycles.


Pattaya Congress On U-Turn Issue

Pattaya congressmen discussed on u-turn construction issue. The u-turn is unavailable even though the construction is completed.


Ladyboy Dancer Caught For Body Exposing

A ladyboy was caught after her video that she granted Chinese person to touch her breast was widely spread.


Ladyboy Caught Red Handed By Pattaya Volunteer Police

A ladyboy was caught by volunteer police as he was trying to steal cash from Indian tourist.