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Murderer Caught After Identity Widely Spread On Facebook

Pattaya police arrest murderer after they spread arrest warrant on Facebook.


Pattaya Pet Shops Cracked Down

Pattaya officials raided pet shops after selling unstandardized medicine.


Pattaya Fight, Taxi Driver Against Uber

Pattaya taxi driver almost fought with Uber driver after severe arguing.


Foreign Man Accidentally Electrocuted

Foreigner was accidentally electrocuted while fixing pump in backyard.


“Nakata” Place For Prostitution

Pattaya reporters inspected South Naklua(aka. Nakata) where prostitution was rumored.


Bus Ran Into Pattaya Sea Accidentally

Bus ran out of control into Pattaya sea. Fortunately, no severe injury was reported.


Club Inspected By Pattaya Police

Drug party in Pattaya resort was raided by police and administrative officer.


Foreigner Fell From Balcony Injured

British man accidentally fell from balcony injured.


Teenagers Tried To Break Auto-Gas Filling Machine

Two teenage burglars tried to steal money from automatic gas filling machine.


No “low Season” In Pattaya

Thousands of tourists still descend to Pattaya city although it is low season. It’s a good sign of tourism industry.


Chinese National Busted For Blackmailing

Chinese businessman was caught after raped and blackmailed another Chinese victim.


2 Years Not Enough For Pattaya Road

Pattaya people complained delay of local road construction, the officers couldn’t finish after 2 years.


Two Expats Caught For Drunk Driving

Foreigners were caught at police checkpoint after they didn’t allow officer to test alcohol. Plus, they blamed the officers illegally installed checkp...


Italian Jumped To Death

Italy national committed suicide by jumping down from condo.


Girl Notified Police After Lovely Puppet Killed In Front

Shih Tzu puppy was accidentally crushed dead by driver. The driver compensated some money for owner.


8 Year-Old Boy Caught Red Handed For Breaking Coin Operated Washer

A boy was caught after he tried to break coin operated washer.


Vendor Claims Justice For Murdered Husband

Female vendor met Pattaya press after her husband was killed by neighbor.


Drug Dealer Busted In Pattaya

Pattaya police caught a Thai woman with a large number of drug.


Three Japanese Pulling Rickshaw Pass Pattaya City

Three Japanese guys pulling rickshaw to promote Japanese culture pulled the rickshaw via Pattaya.


Tunnel Still Under Construction

Central Pattaya tunnel is still under construction even though it is due date contractor should hand over the project.

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