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Russian man arrested for violent rampage in Pattaya

Pattaya police have arrested a Russian man who appeared drunk after he and his companions hit and injured a Thai man and a Hong Kong tourist on a Patt...


Naked German arrested for masturbation in Pattaya

A naked German man wearing only shoes was arrested in Pattaya late Tuesday night while he was masturbating in front of tourists.


Pattaya police round up suspected prostitutes

Twelve women from Uganda were arrested on Walking Street in Pattaya early Friday and charged with prostitution.


Pattaya transvestites steal Indian tourist’s gold necklace

An Indian tourist told police his Bt20,000 gold necklace was stolen by two transvestites on a Pattaya street early Tuesday morning.


Walking Street Cracked Down For Trafficking

Officials inspected Walking Street in order to crack down drug and trafficking.


Illicit Casino Raided By Pattaya Police

Pattaya police crack down illegal casinos in local area.


Chinese Workers Busted

Illegal workers were captured by Pattaya police. They would be sent back soon.


Burglar Caught Red Handed After Stole Drunken

Korean man was stolen things as drunk on Pattaya local street. Luckily, the officers could arrest burglar soon after.


Indian Caught For Exchange Counterfeit Note

India national was caught for exchanging counterfeited money.


Electronic Cigarette Advertised Via Facebook Live

Facebook page broadcast live video on Facebook to advertise electronic cigarette.


Korean Falls To Dead In Pattaya Condo

Korean was found dead after falling from Pattaya condo. Cause is still unknown.


Monsoon Bring Recession To Pattaya

Monsoon season in Pattaya brings recession to operators.


Expats Kill Dog By Drowning

Foreigners killed their own dog by drowning in Pattaya sea. The reason is unknown.


Ladyboy Busted For Snatching

A ldayboy was caught after she stole gold necklace from foreigner.


Illicit Tour Operator Clamped Down

Pattaya officers cracked down illegal tour operator.


Foreign Man Commits Suicide In Pattaya Condo

American hung himself to death in Pattaya condo due to business problem.


Illicit Guides Busted In Pattaya

Underground guides were caught after threatening and attacking tourists.


Taiwanese Found Dead In Pattaya House

Dead body was found in Pattaya house. It’s expected that is suicide case.


Sniffer Captured With Butcher Knife

Glue sniffer was caught after grabbing butcher knife and walking around.


Arab Motorcycle Gang Busted

Arab motorcycle gang was cracked down by Pattaya official after they had annoyed people by holding underground race.

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