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Pattaya Daily News


Pattaya News


Officials On Bali Hai Renovation

Pattaya officials discussed on renovation of Bali Hai pier. Officials aim to utilise land of Acha Land Co.,Ltd as parking lot.


Wedding Ceremony Of Gay Couple

Vietnamese-American man brought million baht to marry Thai gay.


Pattaya Minibus Drivers Obey Strict Rules

Journalist reports progress of rules to control Pattaya minibus driver. Most of drivers obey the law; however, some still opposes.


Man Shot Injured In Pattaya

Man was shot injured, the cause of incident is still unknown.


Foreigner Jumped To Death In Pattaya Condo

Foreigner jumped to his death in a famous condo in Pattaya. The reason is still unknown.


Norway National Hit Down By Bar Boy

Norwegian tourist was hit down injured by bar staff after he had molested his girlfriend.


Garbage Man Suffers Accident As Working

A garbage man was injured by electrical wire as he was on duty.


Pattaya Thief Robs Safe Box

British businessman was robbed safe box contained 1,400 pounds.


Indian Tourist Has Gold Snatched In Walking Street

An Indian tourist was snatched gold necklace while walking in Walking Street Pattaya during police patrolling.


Latest Update Of Foreigner Murdered On Koh Lan

Pattaya police will reward 5,000 baht to anyone who will lead to identify murdered foreigner in Koh Lan.


Woman Overcharged 76,000 Baht In Water Bill

Woman received water bills asking 76,000 baht. She believes this is error and she was overcharged.


Latest Update Of Korean Caught By Faked Police

Korean guys who claimed they were extorted by fake police still didn’t come to meet the officers.


Policeman Tries To End Life After Mistress Leaving

Pattaya policeman tried to commit suicide after his mistress broke up him.


Update Of Body Found On Koh Lan

Pattaya police disclosed update of a case that dead body was found in Koh Lan.


Korean Gamblers Notify Lie To Pattaya Police

Two Korean guys told a lie to Pattaya police that they had been plundered by group of men pretending as police officers. It’s estimated that they migh...


Dead Found In Koh Lan

A dead body found in Koh Lan island. The cause of death is still unknown.


Pattaya Drainage Errors, Sea Polluted

Errors are found at South Pattaya drainage station. The problems led to severe environment problem of Pattaya sea.


Pattaya-Huahin Ferry Comes True Soon

Marine department disclosed the progress of Pattaya-Huahin ferry. Plus, 1 more ferry will estimated to be purchased.


Pattaya Minibus Drivers Disagreed Law To Ban Flat Rate Fare

Sounds of Pattaya minibus driver about strict rule to prohibit flat rate fare.


Farang Found Drunk Front Of 7-11 Shop

Foreign man was really drunk and laid down in front of 7-11 shop.