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Pattaya Vows To Strictly Control Transportation

Officials discussed to follow-up progress of management of marine-land transportation.


Drug Dealer Busted In Sattahip

Drug agent was caught in his house after anther dealer who is his friend had been caught.


BUU Converts Saltwater To Freshwater

Burapha University shows research to convert saltwater to freshwater.


Elephant Duel Show At Nongnuch Garden

Nongnuch garden held performance of elephant duel on the occasion of Royal Thai Army day.


Farang Hit In Pattaya Bar

American was hit down after he tried to help a bar girl who was arguing with his boyfriend.


NCPO Summons Sectors To Discuss At Pattaya City Hall

NCPO summoned concerned sections to discuss troubles of Pattaya city especially transportation operators issue.


Yet Again Finland National Has Wallet Snatched

Foreigner was snatched wallet by ladyboy on Pattaya beach. He traveled back to his country but the thief isn’t caught yet.


“Kru Cha” Hope Of Children

An interview with Kru Cha who dedicates his life for helping children and fighting human trafficking.


Drunken Tourist Jumped Pattaya Tunnel Injured

Finland national jumped Central Pattaya tunnel. It’s expected that he might be drunk.


Thief Left Faeces After Robbing Pattaya Restaurant

Pattaya thief left his faeces in the crime scene after he finished the rob.


Korean National Has Gold Snatched

Korean tourist was snatched gold necklace cost around 180,000 baht. The thief was a motorcyclist.


Child Patients Still Have Children’s Day In Hospital

Pattaya hospital staffs are in superhero and comic cosplay on children’s day 2017.


Pattaya Ladyboy Busted For Robbery

Ladyboy was caught and file a charge of robbery after he and his friend tried to rob a foreigner.


Pattaya Police Connect Database With Smartphone

Pattaya tourist police use online database of suspect. Police officers can easily get data of suspect by using their device.


Trafficking Agent Busted In Pattaya

Tourist police caught human trafficking agent in a Pattaya bar.


Pattaya Canal Badly Polluted

A canal in Pattaya has been severely polluted and led to dead of water animals.


Operators Still Release Wasted Water Into Pattaya Bay

Officials inspected operators in Walking Street. Some operators still released wasted water into Pattaya bay.


Man Tries To Commit Suicide

Thai man tried to commit suicide after his wife wanted to divorce him.


Lady Stolen Handbag

Woman was stolen handbag she put in a basket in front of motorcycle.


Chinese National Has Gold Snatched In Pattaya

Chinese tourist was snatched gold necklace as walking on Pattaya street.