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Student Plundered Motorcycle

A student was plundered his motorcycle by 2 thieves as he was on the way back home.


Officials Inspected Operator At Bali Hai

Pattaya officials inspected Bali Hai pier after some operators annoyed tourist. The official summoned operators to discuss about problem.


German National Suffered Electrical Injury

A German man suffered electrical injury as he was modifying curtain.


Woman Tricked By Fake Facebook Page

A woman was fooled by faked Facebook page that tricked her with jackpot.


Burglar Steals Gas Tank As Owner In House

A burglar stole a gas tank in a house while owners were inside.


Electronic Cigarette Vendor Caught Red Handed

A man was caught after he sold electronic cigarette online.


Ministerial Regulation Effective On Hotelier

Official legislated ministerial regulation in order to manage and control hotelier. The regulation has been effective already.


Official Wrecked Pattaya Resort

A resort in Pattaya was demolished by official due to illegal construction in public area.


Lost Chinese Found

A Chinese tourist who disappeared was found in Si Racha. It’s estimated that she left the tourist group because she didn’t want to go back to China. ...


Pattaya Burglar Busted

Pattaya police caught a burglar who stole bag of victim as she was swimming.


Pattaya Vows To Eliminate Illegal Vendor

Pattaya municipal officers cracked down street vendor after they disobeyed strict rule to sell things on road and other restricted areas.


Gang Busted For Stealing Motorcycle

Sattahip police brought suspects to do reenact after they had robbed motorcycles to exchange drugs for consuming.


Suspicious Bag Found Front Of Pattaya Bank

A suspicious bag was found in front of Pattaya bank. Officers commented that was act of troublemaker.


Russian Robbed By Motorcycle Taxi Rider

A Russian girl was plundered by motorcycle rider in deserted road. It’s estimated that the thief might pretend as taxi rider.


Foreign Tourists Attacked Injured In Bar

Two foreigners were attacked by Thai men in Pattaya bar. In addition, suspects used to be caught for attacking foreigner last year.


Hell Angel Claims For Justice

Hell Angel vows to accept sentence of Pattaya court in the case that a group members had been murdered.


11 Problems Of Koh Lan

Koh Lan people marched to Pattaya City Hall to raise Koh Lan’s problem.


Pattaya Pickpockets Busted

Pattaya police made the statement after arresting pickpockets.


German National Abused Dog In Pattaya condo

Pattaya police were notified that several dogs in a Condo were abused by a German man.


Pattaya Fails To Manage Waste At Ko Lan

Ko Lan villagers complained official to cope waste issue urgently. The problem is pending for a long time.