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Pattaya Gang Extorts And Damages Foreigner Car

German rejected to pay parking fee to unknown man. His car was damaged.


Thieves Plundered Tool Box In Constructed Building

Thieves plundered constructed building. A worker revealed they took only tool box.


Blaze Broke Out In Pattaya Pub

A pub in Walking Street was on fire but no one is reportedly injured. Officers expected cause of fire is short circuit.


Agent Caught For Human Trafficking

Man was arrested in act of human trafficking. He had seduced girls for prostitution in Pattaya.


Cozy Beach Cleaned Up

Pattaya officials together assisted operators to clear Cozy beach.


Kid Drowned On Loykratong Day

A kid drowned in Pattaya bay on Loykratong day. He is still in crisis.


Reseller Fooled By Online Vendor

Pattaya reseller was fooled by an online vendor after he had ordered 100 black shirts from her.


Loykratong Pattaya Quiet

Pattaya vendors found small group of customers during mourning period.


Overloaded Truck Appears

Overloaded truck appeared on Pattaya road. It’s expected that the vendor needs to reduce cost.


Sri Lanka Nationals Busted For Human Trafficking

Two Sri Lanka nationals were caught for human trafficking.


Hit And Run Driver Caught With Drug

Two men were caught with drugs and bullets after they hit and ran.


Firecracker Resellers Cracked Down

Pattaya official clamped down resellers that sell firecrackers illegally.


Man Shot Injured By Pattaya Teenagers

A man was shot injured by a group of teenagers who he met on the way.


Couple Tricked By Street Vendor

A couple was stolen a handbag with 10,000 baht by street vendor in a Pattaya restaurant.


Official To implement “Pattaya-HuaHin” Ferry In January

Marine Department will implement “Pattaya-HuaHin” ferry route on 1st January 2017.


Oldster Walking On Traffic Island

Old woman likes walking on traffic island. It’s expected that she is alzheimer patient.


Student Attacked Injured Due To Girl Problem

A college student met journalist after no progress of the case he had been attacked in front of a pub.


Teenage Gang Assaults Man

A man was almost robbed motorcycle by teenage gang. Teenagers were afraid by themselves and fled away.


Sudden Flood Kills Man

A man drowned dead after he had been washed by sudden flood.


Chinese Gang Caught For Perjury

A group of Chinese people are caught and detained for perjury.