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Passengers Have Seasickness In Pattaya Ferry

Passengers still satisfied Pattaya-Hua Hin ferry but they got boat sickness due to strong wave.


Online Gun Vendors Busted In Pattaya

Pattaya police officers raided weapon vendors in Pattaya after they had traded modified gun online.


Villagers Not Tolerate Garbage Pollution

A group of villagers complained Damrongdhama association after they have suffered air pollution from garbage for a long time.


Broken Electrical Post Without Care

An electrical post has been damaged for a long time without care. It can stand because messy wires help it.


Gay Murdered On Koh Lan

Pattaya police inspected Koh Lan after a body of gay was found washed up on island.


Two Robbed As Swimming In Pattaya Bay

Russian tourists claimed they were robbed on while swimming in Pattaya bay.


Japan National Hung Himself To Death

Japanese man committed suicide by hanging himself in a room of a Pattaya hotel.


Pattaya Ferry Failed Sailing To Hua Hin

Ferry couldn’t set sail to Hua-Hin due to strong wind and wave. It only set sail around Koh Lan on initial day trip.


Pattaya-Huahin Ferry Available 1 Jan 2017

Pattaya-Huahin ferry will initiate 1 January 2017 officially.


Highway Police Issue A4 Traffic Ticket

Pattaya highway police confirm no fake traffic ticket after rumour virally spread on social media.


Russian Robbed By Thai Girl

Russian was robbed by Thai girl who he brought to his room. He lost several items cost around 118,500 baht.


Speed Boat Wrecked In Pattaya Bay

Speed boat was wrecked by strong wave in Pattaya bay. Luckily, all passengers were rescued on time.


Drug Addict Caught Red Handed After Breaking Police Checkpoint

Drug addict was caught by Pattaya police after he had broken the checkpoint.


Plunderers Busted In Pattaya

Gang was caught after plundering victims in an apartment.


Thai National Has Gold Snatched On Pattaya Road

A man was snatched his gold necklace by motorcyclist on Pattaya road.


To Replenish Sand For Pattaya Beach Suspended

Pattaya project to replenish sand to Pattaya beach has been suspended due to sand quality issue.


Pattaya-Huahin Ferry Pre-Launch New Year 2017

Pattaya-Huahin ferry route will pre-launch on January 1, 2017.


Officials On Bali Hai Renovation

Pattaya officials discussed on renovation of Bali Hai pier. Officials aim to utilise land of Acha Land Co.,Ltd as parking lot.


Wedding Ceremony Of Gay Couple

Vietnamese-American man brought million baht to marry Thai gay.


Pattaya Minibus Drivers Obey Strict Rules

Journalist reports progress of rules to control Pattaya minibus driver. Most of drivers obey the law; however, some still opposes.

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