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Pattaya Casino Raided By Police

Philipines nationals were caught after they had opened casino and cheated several victims.


Two Expats Set Street Fighting In Pattaya

Two foreigners fought each other in Pattaya and both are injured. Plus, one of them fled from hospital.


Wasted Water Appears On Jomtien Road

Wasted water appears on Jomtien road for months. Pattaya official didn’t yet cope it.


Korean National Has Gold Snatched

Korean guy was snatched gold necklace while walking on Pattaya street.


Truck Collides Truck Caused Dead On Pattaya Road

Truck collided another trailer truck caused a dead. Plus, the driver is rescuer who just came back from donating stuff.


Yet Again Russian Plundered By Ladyboys

Russian tourist was plundered by ladyboys in Pattaya.


German Got Robbed In Condo

German national was robbed his condo while he was outside.


Officers Cracked Down Beggars

Pattaya police cracked down beggar in Pattaya.


Latest Update Of Pattaya Businessman Murder Case

Pattaya police identified gunman who killed British businessman; however, he already traveled to Cambodia.


Man Caught By Pattaya People After Trying To Rape Girl

Man was attacked and caught by people after he tried to rape a girl in an apartment.


Update Of Businessman Shot Dead In Porsche

Pattaya police claimed they have more clues in murder case of businessman.


Laemchabang Port Revenue Disclosed

Director of Laemchabang port disclosed revenue in 2016.


Businessman Shot Dead In Pattaya

British businessman was shot dead in his luxury car after he had business conflict with his shareholder.


Iranian Caught For Pickpocketing

Iran national was caught by Pattaya people after he tried to steal wallet of another foreigner.


Girl Kidnapped In Pattaya

Girl was almost kidnapped on a van by a group of men pretending as police officer.


Motorcycle Taxi Riders Complained After Banned By Soldier

Motorcycle taxi riders in Bali Hai complain after soldiers banned them to operate in their area.


Man Got Fined After Faked License Plate Used By Other

Man received traffic ticket in act of driving over speed limit but he didn’t use car on that day. He believed someone used his faked license plate.


Italian Man Died From Tree Branch Falling On Head

Italy national was dead in Pattaya after tree branch fell down on his head.


Korean Nationals Busted For Football Bet

Four Korean men were caught in a house in Pattaya for operating online football bet.


Pattaya To Install Underground Cable

Pattaya will install underground table wire along Central Pattaya road. The construction will be taken 290 days from 1 February.

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