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Boat On Fire At Bali Hai

The blaze broke out on boat with passengers on board. Fortunately, no one was injured from the incident.


Pattaya Street Walkers Busted

Pattaya police cracked down street walkers on Pattaya beach. They could arrest both Thai and foreign walkers.


Man Stabbed Due Girl Issue

Two middle east men fought each other due to girl problem.


Police I Lert U Available In Pattaya Soon

“Police I Lert U”, an application citizen can notify incident to police immediately, will be available in Pattaya.


Walking Street Marked “Happy Zone”

Pattaya police campaigned “Happy Zone” in Walking Street.


Pattaya Whorehouse Raided

Pattaya officers raided whorehouse where they found lots of prostitutions. Plus, this club was raided once before.


Psychopath Hits Japanese Injured In Pattaya Restaurant

Japanese was hit injured by psychopath in restaurant. The suspect was caught and filed a charge.


Voice From Pattaya Police Chief, Pattaya No World’s Sex Capital

Chief of Pattaya police insisted Pattaya is not world’s sex capital.


Prime Minister On World’s Sex Capital Pattaya

Thai prime minister was interviewed on world’s sex capital.


Iran National Caught Red Handed For Burglary

Iran national was caught in department store after he tried to steal several items.


Ram Thai Performance By Disability Person

Disability person performing Ram Thai in viral video expressed his feeling after becoming famous over a night.


Pattaya officials Big Patrol

Pattaya officials patrolled and cracked down prostitution in Pattaya.


PBTA Director Vows Pattaya Not Sex City

Director of PBTA said Pattaya is not city of sex as english press reported.


Massage Shop Raided For Human trafficking

Officers of human-trafficking venter raided massage shop after they found human-trafficking.


Two Fought Each Other In Family Mart

Two Kuwait nationals fought each other in Family mart after they were drunk.


Algeria National Caught For Robbery

Algerian was caught by Pattaya police after robbing guest rooms in hotels.


Yet Again Expat Stabbed Inured

Foreigner was assaulted injured by group of Thai men in Pattaya.


Foreigner Found Dead In Pattaya Condo

A foreigner body was found falling dead in Pattaya condo. The cause is still unknown.


Snatcher Caught Red Handed In Walking Street

Pattaya police made statement after arrest ladyboy snatching foreigner.


Officials Raid Hoteliers Operating Without Permit

BangLamung chief inspected and closed 2 hotels after operating without permit.

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