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Woman Robbed In Pattaya Deserted Road

Woman was plundered in Pattaya deserted road by 2 motorcyclists.


Drug Party Raided On Wanlai Pattaya

Pattaya police crack down drug party where teenagers rented a luxury house to hold it.


1 Dead, 1 Injured On Wanlai Pattaya

Shooting took place on Pattaya Wan Lai led to 1 dead and 1 injured.


Yet Again Foreigner Has Bag Snatched In Pattaya

A Korean national was pick pocketed while walking on Pattaya road.


Chinese Has Gold Snatched

Chinese tourist was snatched necklace by Thai motorcyclist.


Golr Ring Burglar Busted

Burglar was caught after he stole gold ring from gold shop in Central Pattaya.


Gold Robbed In Heart Of Pattaya

Suspect robbed gold ring in a gold shop in heart of Pattaya city.


Drug Dealers Caught On Pattaya Beach

Pattaya police patrolled beach road and caught drug dealers.


Man Caught For Raping

Thai man was attacked and caught after he tried to rape a girl.


Man Caught For Snatching

Thai man was arrested for snatching wallet from Norwegian tourist.


Pet Shop Burgled In Pattaya

Owner of pet shop told her story to journalists after no progress in case of robbery in the shop.


Thief Broke Handcuff, Attacked Officers And Fled Away

Volunteer police were attacked injured by handcuffed thief as they were delivering the suspect to question at Police station.


Pattaya Beggars Busted

Police clamped down alien beggars in Pattaya.


Criminal Crackdown In Pattaya

Pattaya police cracked down crime due to Royal Thai Police policy.


Thai-Indian Exposed For Pretending

Thai-Indian was exposed after he tried to trick operator that he was CIA officer and he tried to request attribute.


Thai-Indian Attacked In Walking Street By Guards

Man was attacked by pub guards as hanging out in Walking Street. He was blamed as spy.


Hells Angels Pattaya Fought Each Other

Thai members of “Hells Angels Pattaya” internally fought with Australian members after Australian ones are troublemakers.


Again Police Crack Down Electric Cigarette

Police raided vendors selling electric cigarette in Thepprasit night market.


Pattaya Guard Assaulted Injured

Security guard was attacked injured by his ex-colleague.


Russian Robbed In Pattaya

Russian national was robbed on Pattaya road. He lost 25,000 baht and a smartphone.

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