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Foreign Man Commits Suicide In Pattaya Condo

American hung himself to death in Pattaya condo due to business problem.


Illicit Guides Busted In Pattaya

Underground guides were caught after threatening and attacking tourists.


Taiwanese Found Dead In Pattaya House

Dead body was found in Pattaya house. It’s expected that is suicide case.


Sniffer Captured With Butcher Knife

Glue sniffer was caught after grabbing butcher knife and walking around.


Arab Motorcycle Gang Busted

Arab motorcycle gang was cracked down by Pattaya official after they had annoyed people by holding underground race.


Netherland National Attacked Injured

Netherland national was attacked injured in Pattaya bar due to misunderstanding.


Water Leak In Pattaya Tunnel

Water appears in central Pattaya tunnel. Operator claims it’s underground water.


Pattaya villagers Request Tap Water

Villagers complained for tap water, they haven’t been supplied water by authority for 30 years.


Man Found Having Sex With Dog

Golden age man was found having sex with dog in deserted house.


Body Found Dead In Pattaya House

Frenchman was found dead in a house. Cause of death is still unknown.


Troublemakers Left Suspicious Baggage In Pattaya

Suspicious baggage was found in Pattaya. It’s expected that this is act of troublemakers.


Footage Shows Ladyboy Allowed Tourist Touching Breast

There is drama issue on social network after a ladyboy in sexy suit allowed tourists take a photo with her and touch her breast.


Uber Against Pattaya Taxi

Conflict between Uber and Pattaya taxi worsen during a couple months. Pattaya official find way out for both parties.


Uber Clamped Down In Pattaya

Land Transportation Department cracked down Uber in Pattaya.


“Let it slip!”, Female Driver Runs Out Of Control After Trying To Collect Lunch Box

Female driver ran out of control on Pattaya road by railway after she tried to collect lunch box slipped from seat.


Pattaya Pet Shops Cracked Down

Pattaya officials raided pet shops after selling unstandardized medicine.


Pattaya Fight, Taxi Driver Against Uber

Pattaya taxi driver almost fought with Uber driver after severe arguing.


Foreign Man Accidentally Electrocuted

Foreigner was accidentally electrocuted while fixing pump in backyard.


“Nakata” Place For Prostitution

Pattaya reporters inspected South Naklua(aka. Nakata) where prostitution was rumored.


Bus Ran Into Pattaya Sea Accidentally

Bus ran out of control into Pattaya sea. Fortunately, no severe injury was reported.

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