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Pattaya Daily News

22 March 2008 :: 01:03:26 am 11697

British Steroid Gang Apprehended In Pattaya By Dea And Thai Police

100 Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.) officers, equipped with arrest warrants, in co-operation with Thai police, today arrested a British gang selling steroids illegally in Soi Chaiyapreuk, Pattaya and seized assets worth over Bt 20 million At 8.00 am, 21 March, 2008, Police Major General, Amaresrit Wattanawiboon, Commander of Office of the Narcotics Control Board,(ONCB) who had been co-ordinating with Mr.Andre Kellum, an officer of the D.E.A, acknowledged that there was a gang of foreigners who were running a network selling steroid in Pattaya.
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The police and D.E.A. officers, acting on arrest warrant no. 98/255, searched a two-storey house in Pattaya New City Village, Soi Chaiyapreuk , Jomtien Beach Road. The police later arrested Mr.Edwin Richard Crawley (44) a British national who lives in the house, which he had used as the centre of operations for his business. According to the police report, Mr. Edwin Richard Crawley originally opened a company called” Nutri Med. Co. Ltd.” registered as an import-export company. However, police did not find any illegal items or incriminating evidence, only documents relating to the import and export of goods.

Another police team also searched a single house opposite and found Mr. Graisorn Tongrak (31) the son- in-law of Mr.Edwin Richard Crawley, who was looking after the house for his father- in-law. Once again, police did not find any illegal items.

After that, the police took both suspects to search another building in the same soi, registered as a company called” Vincent Centre Service Co. Ltd. operating a postal and utility bill payment service. Here, however, police found several empty bags of drugs, called “British Dragon” and 2,500 copies of steroid instruction sheets.

The D.E.A. officers took the steroids away for evidence. They also searched a warehouse behind the Nutri Med. company office, where they found and confiscated two machines used to pack steroids and also seized two land deed papers relating to the two houses, a Toyota car, a BMW R1200 RT motorbike, and 13 bank books which contained millions of baht; in total property worth about Bt 20 million.

A third group of police later arrested Mr.Ashley Vincent Livingston (45) British, and Mrs. Jirawan Livingston(38) , his wife, living at a house in Moo. 10, Soi Kow Noi, Pattaya Hill 1. According to the information police had received, they all belonged to the same gang, whose big boss was Edwin Richard Crawley. At this house, the police did not find any evidence, but seized a land deed paper, a Honda and a Toyota car, jewellery, Bt 100,000 in cash, and six bank books, which had many tens of millions of baht in the accounts. Police Major General, Amaresrit Wattanawiboon, revealed that Thai police were originally notified by the D.E.A. that they had intercepted steroids, which had been delivered to America in plain envelopes and on investigation, discovered that the biggest operation was in Pattaya . Mr. Edwin (the big boss) had been importing steroids from China through the Internet and then forwarding them to USA and Europe. On receipt, customers would send money to his account in Thailand. Some of the goods were sent to Pattaya and repacked in dolls or fruit, to be sent to Europe by parcel or in plain envelopes. Mr. Ashley had been worked with Mr. Edwin as his assistant, finding customers for him. This operation had been running since 1999. It made him a millionaire, being able to afford to buy property in Pattaya worth Bt 20 million. Mr. Edwin was also a volunteer, helping charities in Pattaya, so he was well known among the high-society set. He is also the coach of a disabled weight lifting team, which has won many trophies.

Despite Mr. Edwin’s other good works, police arrested him and the other gang members, committing them for trial on charges of having imported, possessed and exported illegal drugs as well as not having paid tax. After a Thai trial, they will all be sent to America for further processing.


Comments from www.pattayadailynews.com

Comment No.1
In view of Mr. Crawley’s services to the community and the fact that the evidence of his alleged malfeasance was not found in his residence but in another premises in the same soi, then the following words by Dickens might seem to be appropriate: –
Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door.?
Martin Chuzzlewit
(1843 – 1844)

Markus Email sniper_scream@hotmail.com 2008-03-22 Time 22:51:47

Comment No.2
How many times do we have to say it….BAN the ENGLISH.

Billy Bob Email disgustedbybrits@goodoleusa.com 2008-03-23 Time 11:39:56

Comment No.3
Not crime of the century but a crime nonetheless. Hope the Yanks don’t get their hands on them though, they won’t deserve that.

Uncle Albert Email anon@ymous.com 2008-03-23 Time 18:05:20

Comment No.4

NIDA Email design.mysoul@yahoo.com 2008-03-23 Time 18:35:43

Comment No.5
My next door neighbor.

Charles Black Email The_Rumles@btopenworld.com D2008-03-23 Time 19:15:00

Comment No.6
Billy Rob, There is no terror, in your threats, For I am arm’d so strong in honesty. That they pass by me as the idle wind, Which I respect not.?
Julius Caesar, Act IV, Scene III

Markus Email sniper_scream@hotmail.com 2008-03-23 Time 20:18:06

Comment No.7
Utter dicgrace to the British race
sven Email sven98@yahoo.se 2008-03-24 Time 00:02:15

Comment No.8
The evidences are absolutely absurd. If this is justice we should all commit suicide. If they have caught Livingston why should they charge as well Crawley, having in mind that the guy is obviously innocent. Has helped so much to people like me, disabled.

Gil Starbrooks Email gillianstarbrooks@yahoo.com Date 2008-03-24 Time 04:21:15

Comment No.9
up to u Email had enough 2008-03-24 Time 22:26:14

Comment No.10
I have known Mr Crawley personally for many years and can vouch for his very good character and willingness to help anyone. His voluntary charity work and activities with the disabled weightlifting team are great testiment to this. I find it amazing that the DEA have such power and influence in your country. Mr Crawley has not committed any crime under Thai law so why the handing over to the US authorities where he is hardly likely to have a fair hearing.

Steve Email steve.poole@hotmail.co.uk 2008-03-25 Time 00:32:59

Comment No.11
Why does Thailand allow America to dictate to them? I am a bodybuilder and have gone to Thailand many times before to buy anabolic steroids from the pharmacies for my own personal use. Now that America makes anabolics illegal everyone dances to their tune. It’s disgusting and people wonder why the Muslim world hates them the way they do? Because they are bullies and do not respect anyone’s view points.

Jaco Email jacomarissa@gmail.com 2008-03-25 Time 22:38:08

Comment No.12
Calling someone a steroid brained monkey is your first mistake. I know more about anabolic steroids than most doctors in the world and have two degrees (university degrees if you did not know what I meant). You are obviously American and part of the most ignorant nation in the world. Hopefully your country would wake up one day and realise there are real problems i the world. Steroids are not one of them and never killed anyone (see “the truth about anabolic steroids) unlike your senseless war in Iraq that killed millions and costed billions. It does not mean because you are the biggest strongest kid on the block you have to beat up the smaller kids to show your strength. Being the biggest and strongest and still respecting all the others on your block and tolerating their different view points is a strength thats much more powerful than the shallow mindedness of your American culture.

Jaco Email frustratedbodybuilder@gmail.com e 2008-03-26 Time 22:50:43

Comment No.13
The thai chimpanzees worn up with local law enforcement authorities’ suits get the vibes if they ever can find a way to lick the Yankees’ arses. This crime is a priority; Hanna Backland or other murdered tourists and their safety is nothing, no points collected in those cases.
Disgusting these Americans; hope to meet this DEA agent in dark alley. He’ll get what all Americans deserve!
wilhelm Email more9-11s@please.please 2008-03-26 Time 23:05:33

Comment No.14
Hey Jacomonkey…..your a cheat, that’s why you need steroids
can’t do it on your own…..so you know more about steroids
than doctors…what’s your point….are you proud of that. What are
you going to do in 10 yrs when your kidney and liver shut down???
How are the old Gonads Jacomonkey….size of raisins yet?
I run thing in the UK, just ask old Tony…..is his ass still bleeding
hahahaha. Pop another steroid you fake cheat, get a few more tats
and don’t forget to shave you head.
G.W.Bush Email supremeleader@whitehouse.com 2008-03-27 Time 12:18:58

Comment No.15

I read your email carefully and wanted to address every issue in depth Mr G.W.Bush but then decided to rather reply to your comment by making a broad statement that refers to you and your power hungry and controlling government “CONTROL IS A VICE FOR THOSE WHO LACK UNDERSTANDING DUE TO THEIR OWN CONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE” I hope thats not to much for you to digest Mr G.W. Bush. I wish you and your government would take the time to study the subject further before you make these judgement calls. Total lack of understanding on your behalf is quite apparent.
Jaco Email frustratedbodybuilder 2008-03-27 Time 18:50:31

Comment No.16
all you guys sound like children its gonna happen no matter what-u.s. will stick its nose everywhere and no one will stop them and everyone else will complain just like your all doing now
909 Email yourmother@yourmomshouse.com 2008-03-28 Time 18:51:44

Comment No.17
Im with Jaco. First, doctors don’t know SHIT about steroids, most of them wont even deal with anything pertaining to them. And yes, America is THE most IGNORANT group of people this world has ever seen.
Im an American, but not a proud one. Every great empire has eventually fallen, and I hope Im alive the day the US loses its power.
Mark Email mmundt@hotmail.com 2008-03-28 Time 22:24:02

Comment No.18
buttonnosebob Email dragondragon999@yahoo.co.uk Date 2008-03-29 Time 03:23:29

Comment No.19
“White Men! White women! The swastika is calling you. The Jew is using the black as muscle against you. And you are left there helpless. Well, what are you going to do about it, whitey? Just sit there? Of course not. You, are going to join with us. The members of the American Socialist White peoples Party. An organisation of decent, law abiding white folk. Just like you.

Comment No.20
In conclusion I do not know Richard but he has my full moral support.
Jaco Email frustratedbodybuilder@gmail.com 2008-03-31 Time 17:26:44

Comment No.21

Let us not forget that Mr. Crawley and his colleagues have also been charged with Tax Evasion. It was a conviction for this crime, which brought down Al Capone.
Markus Email sniper_scream@hotmail.com 2008-04-01 Time 09:24:27

Comment No.22
Sorry Joseph to say this but its because of ignorant people like you that people like me have the problems we do with the regime and way of life we have chosen. Please go on to youtube and watch a video clip called “the truth about anabolic steroids” and once thats done educate yourself on the subject because 90% of the people out there who uses anabolic steroids are not professional athletes and by adding a criminal element to this industry are making criminals out of people who would usually just be normal guys not hurting anyone using anabolic steroids as part of their normal training regime. I am a educated person in a management position in a large firm and have been using anabolics for 15 years. I do not deven drink alcohol and never even get a speeding fine. I am married with two children and a devoted family man. My health is better than 99% of people my age. Am I a criminal now? 500 hundred years ago they burnt people at the stake and called them witches for things we can not imagine in this day and age. Don’t be surprised one day when you find out that anabolics is not the BIG BAD WOLF you imagined it to be.
Jaco Email frustratedbodybuilder 2008-04-02 Time 00:39:42

Comment No.23
Jos 1993 Please point me in the direction of the documentation of these deaths related to steroid use?
In fact please point me in the direction of one medical study proving death from steroid use?
And I will point you in the direction of thousands of studies documenting death from smoking and alcohol abuse which is legal.

You people calling us juice monkeys are ignorant. Let’s talk facts, not sensationalism. I don’t know Richard but I wish him well and I think its bull how the US gets to bully the rest of the world and then they wonder why they have Terrorist attacks.

Gary Email gary@muscle.co.za D2008-04-02 Time 01:18:55

Comment No.24
america must leave the bodybuilding comunity alone and rather target the cocaine manufactures in south america,or the herion fiels ion the middle east,i bet you if they get tax money on steriods they will legalized it much more
NORMAN BRITS Email nombri@vodamail.co.za 2008-04-02 Time 01:26:18

Comment No.25

Legalize the use of anabolic steroids and stop this absurd witch hunt . . . . . . . if you did not notice the world has real problems and anabolics is not one of them. Educate yourselves before making stupid statements and at least when you have a opinion on a forum make it a educated opinion.
Jaco Email frustratedbodybuilder@gmail.com 2008-04-02 Time 13:15:59

Comment No.26
I can’t believe the crap that some ignorant people write as comments after this incident.
The US sucks and should leave the rest of the world alone and focus on their own issues, like the illegal occupation of Iraq. Steroid user does so by choice so who the hell are people to judge them? As for Marcus, you comment is pathetic, is that the best you can come up with?

As for Jos 1993, I find it disturbing that people like you are allowed to even voice their comments,it is people like you that believe you are guilty even if a court of law says you are not. And George Bush, you must be the biggest wanker on the planet, calling yourself that! Every fucking time I put fuel in
my car your fucked up president is making money so when it come to Amiricas proplems and the rest of the world you should shut your uneducated mouth! The US should deal with their crap on their own soil,
but then it has always suited them to wage their was elsewhere.
Phillip Email phillip@wtc.co.za te 2008-04-02 Time 14:15:24

Comment No.27

Just not having paid tax? Ok, pay them tax, and let him go.
He is a philanthropist
Sina Email landge@sina.com 2008-04-02 Time 14:45:36

Comment No.28
Phillip, thank you. I was not employing pathos my words, hopefully, were merely a fillip to a more restrained discourse.
Markus Email sniper_scream@hotmail.com 2008-04-03 Time 08:30:33

Comment No.29

This is senseless. As is all the bickering. I am an American and at time, like these particularly, not a very proud one. Do I condone the use of Anabolic Steroids? Absolutely. It’s your choice. Do I use? Absolutely. With proper education and checkups bi-annually, I am very proud to say I am more than healthy.

Are there bigger fish to fry in the States? Absolutely. When there are wars that my government cannot win, we look for the little things that people think make a difference. My government cannot begin to cease the manufactoring and distribution of cocaine and heroine, but will spend billions to take down somebody for steroid distribution in another country. It’s pathetic.My brother is in Iraq now fighting a pointless war we have no business in. Do I support our troops? Of course. Do I agree with what their order tell them to do or where they ship to. Absolutely not.

But I am one man. It makes me sick when I see how bad the talk is about the American people and that I am associated with that. One day, things may change, but until that day, I hold my head in shame when I think about where my country is headed!!
Pro-Gear Email tlc@cyber-rights.net Date 2008-04-19 Time 11:13:13

Comment No.30
I do not see the point why the Thailand Government should follow the lead of the US government in their senseless fight against anabolic substance abuse which doesn’t even have conclusive evidence to back up such bloated negative claims.

For one in Thailand Prostitution is Legal! And it is even a cause of the nations rising STD problems with HIV as the very concern to tourists of any race coming in to the country. And just imagine they have it “legalize”. Even if study after study prostitution condones promiscuity and would lead to higher incidence for STD problem.

I do not see any point why they should arrest somebody for supplying substances that can help a person’s health (if properly used). Is it because he is not paying any taxes? or is it because it is what the US wants the Thailand government to do? Let us not forget that Mr. Crawley has done so much with the Thailand community, given back to various charities and helped the disabled. Isn\’t that way better than giving the Thailand government their needed tax for them to squander and corrupt?

The Thailand government must legalize the steroid use and distribution much like they are legalizing prostitution in the country. Don\’t they realize that tourists & bodybuilders go and visit their country just so they could get steroid supplies? Will it not be good for the tourist revenues of the country? it could create a market and increase jobs and eventually would trickle down to the pockets of many hardworking Thai people.

Before any country take any stand to a particular topic, please and i mean please investigate if you have to out rightly ban it or control it or legalize it.

I am going to Thailand for the first time only so because I have heard that it is easier for me to get steroids there. If anybody knows, I am wanting some directions. Thanks!
Bryant Email tribulus@tough.com 2008-11-11 Time 18:47:09

Comment No.31

They are now in serious trouble ! the British Foreign Office will conspire with the U.S authorities to stitch- em up big time especially if Florida is involved. The US masonic mafia control drugs & other supposed illegal substances worldwide, the illegality bit pumps up the price & profits. The US & Brit. Gov. depts. Need black money to finance civil disorder terrorism etc. in countries who are none compliant with US & Brit directions after bribery, blackmail, etc. have failed, they are targeted for destruction ! The black money is needed to
avoid the money being traced back to CIA MI5 Mossad Etc.
It should be obvious to an idiot, If you take the profit out of drugs- steroids whatever the whole collapses, sell them in Asda, Tesco, Walmart pharmacies and put the profits into local schools & hospitals, Where is Democracy & Freedom ? if people want drugs – steroids sell them pharmalogical produced products no health hazard re: aids sterile packed needles & products.

The only thing these people are guilty off is saving the US tax dollars and leaving a trail back to the US treasury of providing funds for US Govnt. approved terrorism. 850794.
peter Oakes Email thejudge@btconnect.com 2009-05-09 Time 14:16:58

Comment No.32
I have spoken with Ashley a few times. He is a good and friendly family man.
I don’t know the other guy. I am American and agree with the opinions on
this page.

I have PR in another country, once I get there I will denounce my US
citizenship. No way I am going elsewhere and still be liable for payment
of US wars by our peace giving presidents. It is my two year plan.

America sucks the hair off my ass. When I want to feel truly free I go on
vacation to either Thailand or Malaysia, never for sex! US Customs always
reminds you that you are no longer free as soon as you re-enter the US.
I hear that Saudi Arabia does not allow alcohol but does allow steroids, guess
it makes sense to have productive people. The US keeps trying to legalize
marijuana. I guess they think it is good to try to dumb down their people.
J-Man Email decostop8@gmail.com 2009-12-13 Time 21:46:23

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